I thought it was about time to explain “Fire and Motion.”

First and foremost, it’s important that you know and understand that I stole this phrase. I actually stole it from someone who…ummm….stole it. My source was an article in Inc. magazine – the columnist “borrowed it” from the military.
Why did I do it? Because I LOVE IT!
“Fire and Motion” is a military tactic that has been adopted by business professionals. (Since I’m now a card-carrying “business professional” I thought it was OK to beat this new-found phrase like a toy drum.)
Here is an excerpt from the magazine that helps explain it:
“You’re firing because your enemy has to take cover. He can’t fire back at you when he’s cowering behind a wall. But firing is not enough. You also have to move forward, or you won’t make any progress. Moving forward brings you closer to the enemy. And closer enemies are easier to hit. You need both — fire and motion — to accomplish anything.

“Successful business strategies are based on fire and motion, too… the successful company is always the one setting the agenda and forcing competitors to match it.”
That is exactly what we want to do with e-Partners in Giving. (I had some nice metaphorical examples on how we are going to do this – e.g. “bullets” being our partners – but you NEVER know who might stumble on to this blog. I would hate to show our hand just to provide some “spice” to the blog.)
I hope you can forgive me for stealing this philosophy…actually, I hope you steal it from me and apply it to some aspect of your life.

I don’t play the lottery until I feel like it’s worth my while – somewhere around $32 million. (I guess you could say that $25-30 million just isn’t enough for
a “call to action.”)
Well, I’m now ready to apply that same idiotic rational
to the gas crisis.
As I passed the gas station on my morning run today, I determined that $3.87 a gallon was my “call to action.” (For half a second, I actually considered waiting until it hit $4.)
Your question: Wait for what?
I’m breaking out the bike.
If it’s possible, I’m hanging up the truck keys and pedaling my way around Funkytown. (Explanation on “possible”….not 36 miles away away from the house…not a meeting or event where I have to be “fresh”…not the lumber yard to pick up a stack of 2x4s.)
I’m actually excited about this….1) It is healthy; 2) It will help us save money, and 3) I should have AWESOME stories to tell in future blogs.
g g g
I don’t care if you’re a real estate
agent, college admissions officer, or a stay-at-home mom, this is a
must-read book.

It’s a very quick read about “a
personal lesson in extreme

Here is a snippet:

“Love is the ultimate motivation of
the Extreme Leader: love of
something or someone; love
of a cause; love of a principle; love
of the people you work with
and the customers you serve; love of
the future you and yours can create together; love of the business you conduct together every day…”

“Without the calling and commitment of your heart, there’s no good
reason for you take a stand, to take a risk, to do what it takes to
change your world for the better…”


The book opened my eyes to something else. I’ve always thought
about the best compliment I could possibly receive. I’ve gone back
and forth between several: funny, motivating, and sexy.

Those three are now OUT! There is a new undisputed champion of
compliments: Audacious!

DEFINITION: A bold and blatant disregard for normal constraints.
You might be like me….I’ve always applied a negative connotation to “audacious.” The author, Steve Farber, describes two different types of audacity, though, ego-inspired and love-inspired.
Ego-inspired: “Audacity that is just a pain in the ass.”
Love-inspired: “Courageous and bold and filled with valor. It’s the kind of audacity that’s required to change the world for the better.”
I hope it goes without saying…I prefer the latter.
Buy the book! Check it out from the library! Download it to your IPod!
It will be worth it!
g g g
Speaking of a solid read…Gene Wojciechowsk did a GREAT job on this column about my brother-in-law.
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