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I love reading business magazines. Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc. are some of my favorites. Each one has a standard feature or column that I especially enjoy, too. They’re just fun, easy reads – most of them short snippets from an entrepreneur who “made it.” Every time I read one, I think to myself, “One day they’re going to write about me!”

I thought it would be fun to beat them to the punch.

This is a light-hearted feature that runs in every issue of Inc. magazine: “Things I Can’t Live Without.”

It was fun to ask myself that question and put together my list. It’s important that you know and understand that this feature is totally materialistic. The reason I bring that up . . . when I was putting together my list of “things,” my wife came into the room and asked what I was working on. 

TK: What’s this?

ME: Something for my blog – things I can’t live without.

TK: <rhetorically smirking> Did I make the list?

ME: What’s that look for?

TANYA: Did I make the list?

ME: Not that kind of list.

I wasn’t being mean, but like I said before, this is strictly material items. If I wanted to change Inc.’s concept and make it more sentimental, the “Things I Truly Can’t Live Without” would include:

• Tanya
• My family
• My friends
• My faith
• Captain Augustus McCrae (my dog)

I decided to stay the course, though, and keep the format the same. (BTW: Inc. runs a sidebar to this feature, “…and What I Covet.” That’s when materialistic meets ridiculous. I played this game, too.)

To help the editors at Inc. magazine, I went the whole seven yards – I gathered up the photos and quotes, but I DIDN’T write the article itself. (I started to, but it felt kind of weird.) I’ll let them do that once we “make it.”

–  – –

Things I Can’t Live Without

President and CEO, e-Partners in Giving
Drew Myers

Texas Rangers Truck Driver Hat, $22
“There is nothing like a great hat – that fits your head perfectly. It also allows me to support my boys in a stylish manner.”

Bodum French Press, $55
“It definitely doesn’t offer any added convenience when it comes to making coffee, but the rich, bold taste is worth it.”

Fiorentina Writing Journal, $23
“This is where e-Partners in Giving was born. A lot has changed since those first few entries, but this has evolved as a road map to this wild and crazy entrepreneurial adventure.”

Red Wing Boots, $154
“I could go running in these boots – I’m not talking about a couple of blocks, either. I could tackle some serious mileage.”

Garmin Forerunner 301, $200
“I asked for this GPS watch to help me figure my milage. I was tired of driving the same route that I just ran in order to do that. That was 1,515 miles ago.”

…and What I Covet

Ski-in and Ski-out, 4-Story Home in Park Cities, Utah, $6.9 million
“I was told when you dream, dream big. That’s exactly what this house is. Being in Park Cities is a bonus – it’s like the mountains and luxury collided to create perfection.”

Range Rover, $79,000
“This vehicle screams class – inside and out. Its off-road roots add to its mystique and charm.”

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