Are We Doing Enough to Give Back?

I’ve been doing a little research on volunteering and charitable giving, specifically in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I wanted to share some of them with you:


• According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 26 percent of Americans volunteer.

• The volunteer rate fell in 2007 for the second straight year, according to Corporation for National and Community Service.

• 29 percent of women volunteer, while 23 percent of men.

• In Dallas/Fort Worth, the breakdown was 35.5 percent for females and 24.9 percent for males.

• DFW ranked 20th in the nation for metropolitan areas at a rate of 30.3 percent. (Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked No. 1 at 40.5 percent, while Las Vegas was last at 14.4 percent)

• Based on number of hours volunteered between 2004 and 2006, DFW was 34th. (Tulsa ranked No. 1 and Las Vegas was last.)

• DFW’s breakdown for average volunteer hours during that span was 33.7. (No. 1 Tulsa averaged 60 hours.)

• On average, DFW had approximately 1.4 million volunteers, who served 15.73 million hours per year during 2004-06.

• The main activity for volunteers in DFW were “collecting, preparing, distributing, or serving food.”

• While more DFW residents between 35 and 44 years old volunteered (38.2 percent), they only volunteered an average of 36 hours. (Second lowest to the 16-24 age group.)

• DFW seniors volunteer the most hours, averaging 104 hours per volunteer.


• In a study done by Intuit Inc., DFW did not make the Top 10 for “Most Giving Cities.” (Salt Lake City was No. 1, followed by West Palm Beach, and Washington D.C. respectively.)

• On a positive note: DFW was NOT one of the Top 10 “Stingiest Cities,” either. (San Antonio was, though.)

• Men’s Health listed Dallas has No. 36 on its “Most Charitable Cities.” The magazine also gave Big D a Big B minus for its efforts.

• Fort Worth was graded an embarrassing D minus and ranked No. 91.

SOURCES:; The Baltimore Sun; Men’s Health; Corporation for National & Community Service; Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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