Here is a quick rundown of recent activity on “My List”:

MARK IT OFF (tasks completed)

• No. 32 

(Inspire someone else to do 101 things)

I’m keeping a running list of people who say that I helped push them off the ledge and tackle this project. I’m also listing my favorite task from each list.

• No. 71
I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the compost bin. Three things inspired me to put this on my list and complete it so quickly:

1. I wanted to prove – mostly to myself – that I could be “handy” with a circular saw and nail gun.

2. Tanya has done a great job with our flower beds and I thought I could do my part – supplying the compost.

3. For the last few months, Tanya and I have done an admirable job recycling. Now, we’re trying to keep our total trash output to one bag a week. Putting our biodegradable scraps in the compost bin should help out considerably. (If we could just find an alternative use for ALL the plastic bags we throw away – newspaper, Zip-lock, etc.)
ON MY WAY (tasks started)

• No. 80 
(Eat a hot dog & drink a beer 
I went to the Rangers-Rays game on Sunday night (Aug. 17th); I didn’t think the Ballpark in Arlington was going to be a problem before 2011, but I figured that I had to start somewhere. Thirteen more ballparks to go.

• No. 27
(Accumulate 1,000 volunteer hours)
I’m only at seven, but this number will continue to grow steadily over time.
ON THE HORIZON (upcoming tasks)

• Signed up for No. 43 
(Participate in “Yoga Flow in the Japanese Garden”)
Classes start on Sept. 11th

• No. 45
Men’s Fraternity held at McKinney Memorial Bible Church, starting Sept. 24th. Focus of 16-session study: Winning at Work and Home
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