‘Make This Moment Freeze in Time’

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about some of my friends and family members who were giving back. 

I had one friend putting smiles on little faces at a local children’s hospital.

I had another friend donate some clothes to the homeless shelter.

All incredibly AWESOME and selfless acts of kindness!

There was one example of giving back that I purposely left off that list – I thought it deserved a blog post all it’s own.

My friend Kelly recently spent a week in Africa, spreading God’s word to orphans in the ravaged country of Zambia. She took part in Camp Life, which is a program created by Family Legacy Missions International.

The mission of Family Legacy Missions “is to connect the American Church and Family to the very heart of God by actively engaging them in the relief of the suffering and pain of the African AIDS Orphan.”

On its web site, the organization states: “We believe that as individuals begin to take up the cause…that a radical transformation will occur in the lives of those being touched and those being used by God to reach out.”

After hearing Kelly’s amazing stories – and seeing her touching photo gallery – I know that vision truly has the ability to turn into reality.

I wanted to share some of the thoughts and images that stood out to me from Kelly’s spiritual adventure.

First the photos (with some of Kelly’s comments):

(to see all 373 photos – click here)

Here are some of the highlights that stood out to me and/or tugged at my heart strings:

• How genuinely grateful the children were (besides the cup, they were also given a new pair of shoes, a fleece jacket, and a pencil);

• How much it touched Kelly’s spiritual life and impacted her relationship with Jesus Christ;

• How AIDS has completely devastated and practically destroyed that region of the world;

• Despite the unfathomable poverty and despair of their surroundings, the spark in each of those boys’ eyes is truly remarkable;

• How the Word of God is able to totally annihilate ethnic and cultural barriers;

I am so proud of Kelly for going on this amazing journey. She is already planning on spending two weeks in Zambia next summer, and she has inspired me to go on a mission trip as well. (My 101 List: No. 46)

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