Holiday Cheers & Jeers Complete Chaos

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’ve decided to start my first-ever week 

of blogging – small nuggets posted everyday for seven straight days. I will start today, looking back at the Christmas holidays, and finish up next Monday.

Some of the posts will be fun and light-hearted – like today’s glimpse at my “Christmas Chaos” – while others have the potential to be a little more poignant. 

I will definitely stick to the theme of my blog, though: My big adventure in life and business.

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cha·os \ káy òss \ n1: disorder 
2: earliest condition of universe 3: apparent disorder 4: Drew’s annual Christmas holidays, usually from Dec. 10th to Jan. 2nd or 3rd

Everybody has their own holiday stories – each one with their own special flavor of chaos. 

These stories usually involve a significant amount of driving, distant relatives you barely know, one or two random gift exchanges, tons of food and beverage, and a lot of snapshots….

Here is my “Christmas Chaos” captured 
through those very photos:
Big Brothers Big Sisters 
event at Great Wolf Lodge
HIGHLIGHTS: Anthony, my little brother, and I were part of the corporate partnership announcement at the Grapevine Resort … we were first inside the indoor water park (for photo op – Star Telegram photos below) … had a T-shirt made with a huge picture of us on the back.

“Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” 
(hosted by Chris Stacey)

HIGHLIGHTS: My sister Allison made the photo backdrop (big hit) … there ended up being A LOT of pictures of me when all was said and done (very weird) … Tanya’s “ugly sweater” actually belongs to my grandmother … some lady let me wear her velvet red pants towards the end of the night.

Birthday party 
for my buddy Hatton (no pictures)

Extended family Christmas 
at “Brazos House” (my grandmother’s house)
HIGHLIGHTS: This event is ALWAYS a mad house, but love and family ALWAYS win out in the end … we had an amazing steak dinner 
(I manned the grill) … theme of gift exchange: “Trash to Treasure” (Instructions from my mom: “Go through your closet, attic, cedar chest and find something that you don’t use any more, or it doesn’t match your new decor, or you are tired of it, or someone gave it to you and you have never used it, or you used it a lot – but now you are too old, too tired, too fat, etc. I’m not talking “white elephant” gifts, or gag gifts, or old junk… but if you think someone else could use it or would like it – wrap it up.”) … photos by Ted Kieffer.

Cowboys vs. Ravens 
(last game at Texas Stadium)

HIGHLIGHTS: Received tickets through BBBS (thanks Cheryl) … sat on Row B, which is in front of Row 1 … even though Anthony was battling strep throat (didn’t know it at the time), he pushed through … temperature dropped to below freezing by the fourth quarter … sat next to Big Black, star of MTV’s “Rob and Big” (I had NO clue) … Cowboys forgot how to play defense and got whipped.

First Annual Safe Haven 
Christmas Extravaganza(original blog post)
HIGHLIGHTS: Thanks to the help of 20 sponsors – including Rosa’s Cafe – e-Partners in Giving made Christmas extremely special for a handful of Fort Worth’s homeless … each Safe Haven client received a stocking … e-Partners purchased a computer for the entire complex … “party food” was served.


Gift Exchange 
with Anthony (no pictures)
HIGHLIGHTS: Anthony got me a greeting card with his recorded voice, “…I’ve really had an awesome time hanging out with you the last couple of months. I hope you have a merry Christmas…” … Tanya gave him a Brett Favre figurine, while I made him a book of every Division I college football logo (example below).

TCU Bowl Game Watch Party

HIGHLIGHTS: Hosted by friends Mike and DeeDee … TCU rallied to defeat Boise State, 17-16 … GO FROGS!

Baptism of Baby Jake (nephew)
HIGHLIGHTS: Tanya and I were proud, honored, and excited to be Jake’s God parents and be a part of his initial spiritual journey … baptism incorporated into Christmas Eve mass at Incarnation in Dallas … had family dinner afterwards … only wished it wouldn’t have been held the morning after “TCU Bowl Game Watch Party” (see above).

DECEMBER 24th and 25th:
Volunteered at 
Presbyterian Night Shelter (no pictures)

Myers Family Christmas
at my Mom and Dad’s

HIGHLIGHTS: 10th year to celebrate homemade Christmas gifts 
(blog post) … other traditions (photo at the top of the stairs, etc.) continued as well … spent entire day at Mom and Dad’s, instead of running 18 different directions … watched all 3 1/2 hours of “Doctor Zhivago” … were only missing John and KoKo (brother and sister-in-law) and Karla and Tom (friends).

Riley Family Christmas 
(Tanya’s extended family)
HIGHLIGHTS: Held in San Antonio at Tanya’s aunt Carolyn’s house … typical “Dirty Santa” gift exchange … Tanya and I made out with a great fire pit for the backyard (thanks to her cousin-in-law Patrick) … drove to Houston afterwards.

Kalinec Family Christmas 
(Tanya’s immediate family – no pictures)

HIGHLIGHTS: Held outside Houston at Tanya’s brother house … drew names for gift exchange … fried a turkey … played one round of “Rock Band” (I sang “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer and was named “Top Performer” with a score of 97 percent. I ROCK!)

Bowling Birthday Celebration 
(for Tanya and my sisters)

HIGHLIGHTS: Bowled at 300 in Addison … I finished No. 2 and No. 1 in the two matches (I RULE!)

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

HIGHLIGHTS: Started the evening at neighbors house, enjoying gourmet nachos and playing Taboo … brought in 2009 with friends Paul and Jessica around their fire pit.

40th Birthday Celebration 
(for Tanya’s brother and sister-in-law)

HIGHLIGHTS: Held in Waller (outside of Houston) at Tanya’s Mom and Dad’s house … complete with DJ, dancing, and a lot of good food … Tanya did the Chicken Dance.

It was ALL wonderfully great, 
but I’m wonderfully thankful it’s over.

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