My Resolution for 2009: Make Resolutions

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is post No. 3 in a week-long blogging initiative.

I’m not a big New Year’s resolution guy.

I’ve always been a believer, if you need to make a lifestyle change or kick a bad habit…just do it! Does it really matter if you do it in April, June, or September?

If I had to wait until January

every year to switch things up, 

my life would be a mess for AT LEAST 355 days of the year.

So while Britney Spears (right) tries to “stop worrying…and stop biting her nails” in 2009, 

I feel somewhat inclined to do something different, too.

(FYI: If you want to see other celebs’ resolutions – click here. The headline captures 

it perfectly… ‘Just as boring as yours.’)

I’ve got two areas of emphasis: 
Running cramps and energy conservation.

In both of my marathons, I have experienced severe cramping – specifically in my calves.

As I stare down the barrel of the Country Music Marathon in April – not to mention a 4-hour finishing time in mind – I’m taking extra precautions starting NOW!

My “resolution recipe” for maximum hydration throughout my training and especially on race day

is pretty simple:

RESOLUTION No. I: Do not drink a drop of coffee after 10 a.m. (Recently I’ve been throwing back the Java into the early afternoon, which took away precious moments when I could be drinking water AND impacting my sleep patterns that next night.)

BENEFITS: Allows me to meet my goal of drinking 85 to 100 ounces of water a day.

(may be a little tougher): Alternate beer and water. Whenever I’m throwing back a few cold ones or having a cocktail, I’m going to drink 8 to 10 ounces of water between each one.

BENEFITS: Will help prevent dehydration and it should help negate the threat of a potential bender.

DRAWBACKS: Shiner Bock tastes a lot better than water, and I’ll have to pee ALL THE TIME.

Tanya and I are trying to be conscious with our money – and a great place to start is with the electricity we use in the house.

RESOLUTION No. II: Switch all of our light bulbs to energy efficient ones – Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs – by the end of March. (NOTE: These bulbs use about 75 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.*)

BENEFITS: Will save money in the long run. (We will save about $30 or more in electricity costs over each bulb’s lifetime.*)

DRAWBACK: Small investment out of the gate – the long-lasting bulbs are NOT cheap. (Four incandescent bulbs will run you $2.79, while one long-lasting fluorescent are around $9.99**)
RESOLUTION No. IIA: I have proposed an incentive package for my wife to help remind her to turn off a light – or all the lights – when she is not using them. I will give her $175 a month to go shopping, BUT we subtract the amount of our electric bill from that monetary allotment. (If our bill is over $175, there is no penalty – except there’s no shopping.)
BENEFITS: Saves money and reduces our carbon footprint.
DRAWBACKS: My wife could be released into the mall each month with money to spend.
I would love to hear YOUR resolutions 
for 2009 – whether they’re boring or not.
*SOURCE: Energy Star

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