I’m Still Committed to ‘Attacking Life’

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is post No. 4 in a week-long blogging initiative.

Someone asked me the other day:

 “Are you still doing that list thingy?”

I responded with as much sarcasm as I could muster: “Nope…I decided to quit! I figured since there were only 850 days remaining, I didn’t have a fighting chance.”


Reminder: If I say I’m going to do something … 

I’m going to do it.

His question did provide a reminder, though. I need to keep people updated on my progress and continuously direct/link them to my 101 List (complete list click here).

I definitely missed out on some opportunities through December, like No. 36 (Make Christmas cookies for my neighbors). There’s always next year, right? I guess that’s why it’s not 101 things in 365 days.

My biggest missed opportunity recently was No. 88 (Be the mascot at a college football game). I was approached by a former co-worker at TCU, who is familiar with my list, and asked if I wanted to suit up for the Frogs’ last home game of 2008. I had already promised my Little Brother, Anthony, I would take him to the game.

Again…there’s always next year, right? 

(I can only hope that rational applies in this case.)

I’m steadily progressing on some tasks: No. 27 (Accumulate 1,000 volunteer hours) and No. 93 (Read 200 books). I have 139 community service hours and I just finished book No. 11 with No. 12, 13, and 14 already started.

Here is a quick list of tasks that should be completed by the end of April:

No. 5 (Go camping with my wife): I’ve started thinking about a road trip to see my buddy Greg in Arkansas. Instead of holing up in some cheap hotel room along the way – a night under the stars might be an option.

No. 41 (Break 4-hour mark in a marathon): I’m running Nashville’s Country Music Marathon on April 25th.

No. 55 (Sell something on Craig’s List): I have a cast-iron sink in my garage that has Craig’s List written ALL over it.

No. 64 (Host a dinner party): This Christmas my mom gave me a gift certificate
(right) for her and a friend of hers to clean my house. I refuse to let a VERY clean house go to waste – the dinner party would be the next day.

No. 92 (Complete one Home Depot “Do It Yourself” workshop): Tanya and I are discussing a minor renovation of our bathroom.

There is one significant task coming down the tracks in October – not to mention several other tasks that probably should be marked off before then.

On October 18th, I’m going to participate in the Longhorn Half Ironman Triathlon in Austin. (No. 39 – Complete a half Ironman Triathlon).

Before that, I have to accomplish No. 42 (Purchase my own road bike) and marking off  No. 37 (Hire a personal trainer) probably wouldn’t hurt.

There are still a couple tasks that I HAVE to make significant progress on in 2009, specifically:

No. 21 (Post revenue 

of $1 million)

No. 80 (Eat a hot dog 
& drink a beer in every American League ballpark)

• No. 81 (Take a self portrait in every National Park)

(These three tasks alone are going to make it one heck of a story when it’s all said and done.)

There is one task that I’ve already marked off, but I hope I can add to it:

No. 32 (Inspire someone else to do 101 things).

I have three friends who have forwarded me their lists and said thanks for motivating me to do this. I’ve had a dozen friends and family members who’ve said, “I’ve started my list, but I can’t think of 101 things.”

If you’ve started a list, are considering it, or even dead set against it, I encourage you to read my blog, “ ‘THE LIST’ HAS OPENED MY EYES.

Another great site is the home base for the phenomenon. I encourage you to check out that site as well. (click here to visit that site)

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