Blogging Endeavor Getting Difficult

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is post No. 6 in a week-long blogging initiative.

I’ve decided that small, easily digestible nuggets of thoughts and information would be the best way to blog heading down the stretch of this week-long experiment.

BTW: Blogging everyday is tough. I will definitely return to once a week – if not every other week – after the last post.

I can’t show you photos or even tell you exactly what my brother made for his homemade Christmas gift this year, but I can say this:


Hands down, he made the most elaborate gift in the history of our 10-year tradition. There was no “cry factor” involved, but there was a definite “kick-butt factor.”

The reason why I can’t give you all the details –I’m trying to talk him into producing more and actually selling them. (His gift was that dang good!) I’m doing a little legwork for him right now to see if he can get this side business up and running.

I will share some of the “construction”

logistics with you:

• He said at least 40 hours of labor went into it;

• He said there were 18 trips to Home Depot.

We exchanged gifts with him and his wife Koleen just this week. Thanks to his remarkable gift, we definitely closed out the Christmas holidays with a BANG!

I recently received the most recent edition of “The Director,” the official publication of the National Funeral Directors Association.

This particular issue was a look back at the NFDA Convention in Orlando, and right on the cover – literally front and center – was a photo of the e-Partners in Giving staff.

The camera captured us attending the convention’s “Party with a Purpose,” which benefitted Habitat for Humanity.

The GREAT part of that exact same photo – it was used THREE other times inside the magazine.

We did receive some legitimate PR in the story about the convention’s Habitat build. Here are the excerpts:

“… Rounding out the NFDA team was the staff of e-Partners in Giving: Drew and Tanya Myers, Stefanie Lewis and Denise Martin.”

“When asked, team members quickly agreed that, if given the opportunity, they would be honored and eager to volunteer again for Habitat for Humanity. In fact, e-Partners in Giving has partnered with the Habitat chapter in Fort Worth, Texas, and is helping to raise the $56,000 needed to sponsor a build.”

“Drew Myers of e-Partners said, ‘I’m hooked on Habitat. It’s a tremendous was to give back in more than one way. There’s the financial aspect, but there’s also the rolling up your sleeve and breaking a sweat.’ Myers and his crew look forward to bringing their Orlando experience to the Fort Worth build.”

I just want to say thank you to all the people who have recently suggested books for me to read.

I am really in a rhythm right now – mixing in audio books in the car and flipping pages during meals and before I fall asleep.

I’m currently reading/listening to two tremendous books (both recommendations):

“The 4-Hour Workweek” by
Timothy Ferriss is a funny, but poignant prose about taking control of your life and truly living.

I was just identified in the book – a person who “works just to work.” I’m starting to realize that’s not a good thing.

“Hot, Flat, and Crowded” by Thomas Friedman takes a hard look
at the planet and how we’re
impacting it.

One review on captured it perfectly: “Friedman writes on world population, the increase of the global middle class, and the growing energy crisis. All of this has contributed to a world that is in desperate need of an energy solution. The thing I like about Friedman’s approach is he’s optimistic and he’s practical.”

I’m currently reading a chapter about “energy poverty” in Africa and Asia. Very interesting and eye-opening.

Please keep the recommendations coming. (Reminder: I have 843 days to read 189 books.)

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