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Where did the 101 List come from? (my list here)

Since the first time I heard about this 1001-day “exercise” in living life to the fullest, I’ve been nothing short of intrigued.

Well, I may have unfortunately found the answer.

At first, I thought a gentleman named Michael Green hatched the idea. Every 101 List that I glanced through, pointed right back to him. (He even has a web site dedicated to the endeavor.)

So there was no other choice, I HAD to go straight to the source … I decided to drop Mr. Green a line. (In New Zealand, nonetheless.)

He wrote back via e-mail: “I just published my list and I wrote up the mission, criteria, and the goal setting tips that gets copied around. I’m told the earliest reference to the idea comes from an old teen TV show ‘Breaker High’ from 1997.”

Not familiar with “Breaker High?” Neither was I. 

See if this video helps – It didn’t with me:
Anyway … here is an excerpt from Episode 30 
(Entitled: “He Shoots, He Scores”)
TAMIRA: So Jimmy, what’s up with Sean anyway? He’s all of a sudden got this huge interest in sports…he hates sports.

JIMMIE: Oh right…that. You see, he’s got this list of 101 goals to complete by a certain day and tomorrow will be that day.

TAMIRA: Oh, and one of his goals is to make a sports team?

JIMMIE: Right, right…the other two are to see his name in bright lights and kiss a pretty girl. It’s right funny, eh?

TAMIRA: So…that’s all I am? A goal on his list?

JIMMIE: Oh, yeah…it makes you right proud to be a part of it, eh?

Tamira storms off.

Later on in the episode – 
after her and Sean make up.

SEAN: I waited 1,001 days for this kiss … I didn’t want to waste it, you know? And I would wait 1,001 more if that’s what it takes for it to be with you.

Drew throw’s up, while briefly quenching his intrigue.


Hopefully it’s  just the beginning.

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