e-Partners in Giving – along with Tarrant County Homeless Coalition and Chicken Express – is hosting the first-ever Volunteer Kickoff Rally for the January 29th Homeless Count.

I am so excited about this event, because it’s our opportunity to offer a sincere expression of 
gratitude to the 400+ volunteers who will be scouring the streets of Tarrant County and Parker County surveying unsheltered homeless.

We have had such a tremendous response from local companies and organizations that our supporting our efforts. I don’t even know where to start showing my appreciation. (After the event – I will make sure that I love up each sponsor on this blog.)

There are two supporters that have helped take this event to a new level, though. I HAD to give them a pre-Rally shout out!

Chicken Express is donating ALL the food for the Rally. The company’s generosity blew me out of the water. I can’t say thank you enough. 
If you read this blog and/or support my mission of “never stop giving back” – stop by a Chicken Express this week and grab dinner for the family or just buy yourself a sweet tea!
Secondly, I would like to thank Texas country music star Jason Eady for agreeing to perform at the event. (I told Jason this on the phone last week, his presence will add the buzz to really make this event special.)

He has a new CD coming out soon – because of his willingness to give back, I will make sure I market the hell out of it. (More details soon)

Check out his web site here: www.jasoneady.com

Enjoy a little bit of his music here:
If you would still like to participate in the Homeless Count – it’s not too late. 
Visit the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition 
web site (click here) or drop me a line and we’ll get you on a team.
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