My mom called me a couple days ago and told me about a promotion for Man’s Best Friend on WBAP 820.

“All you have to do is write a 25-word essay on why your dog needs training,” she said. “If you’re selected, you can win $1,500 worth of training for Gus.”

She had a tone in her voice like this was an order or plea … not just a loving suggestion.

As she was trying to sell me on the promotion – “You can do it!” – Augustus was treating my crotch like scratch-and-sniff sticker. Needless to say, I decided to do it.

Here is what I submitted (remember, it only asked for 25 words – which is tough):
“He’s consumed razor blades, Ritalin, and countless pairs of panties. He’s socially inept on leash. Loves counter surfing and peeing on people at dog park.”
I’ll keep you posted if Gus and I are bound for training.

FINANCIAL (Goal: $130 – Amount Spent: $79)

Staying at friend’s condo in East Vail.

Used credit card points for 1-day pass

Used credit card points to rent skis and boots as well

MEALS: $12
Not planning ahead will kill you at lunchtime on top of the mountain. The budget took a big hit around noon on Wednesday.

– Really had to rely on Director of Giving to monitor sites on Wednesday. I was still receiving e-mail notifications on my Blackberry, but there was NOTHING 

I could do standing on the top of a mountain.

– Utilized wireless internet to check out everything out once we got back to the condo.

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