Reminder: I’m trying to bring Back on My Feet to Fort Worth. This Philadelphia-based non-profit – which attacks homelessness through running – has grabbed a hold of my heart strings and refuses to let go.

In order to prove to BOMF founder Anne Mahlum and her staff that I’m serious, I am currently raising money for two upcoming races.

I’m asking anyone who reads this blog – or supports my efforts of giving back – to visit my Donation Page by clicking here. All of the donations go directly to Back on My Feet. (I’ve actually decided to earmark the money for a new staff position that BOMF has created for one of its members. Read his blog here.)

• $13 for running the Cowtown Half Marathon ($1 for every mile that I will be running.)


• $12 for running Nashville’s Country Music Marathon ($3 for every hour I plan on being on the marathon course, which WILL BE 4 HOURS!)

THAT’S IT … $13 OR $12.

I’m not looking to break anyone by asking for tons and tons of money – but I’m looking for a significant number of these small contributions.


To read more about my mission to bring Back on My Feet to Fort Worth, please visit these two blog posts:

DONATE NOW – it’s quick and easy
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