If you ever get the chance to visit with someone directly involved with Habitat for Humanity, they are very adamant about the mission of the organization.

“We don’t give hand outs,” they’ll say with poignant tone – almost unexpectedly defensive. Then they’ll flash a huge smile and say with pure unsolicited confidence, “We offer a hand up.”
I got the opportunity to see this first-hand during a recent Habitat Build in Dallas.
Two weeks ago, e-Partners in Giving rallied six volunteers to help with a mid-week Build. (These individuals were true all-stars for sacrificing and giving back on a Wednesday morning and afternoon.) We helped frame the house, plywood the roof, install hurricane brackets, and anything else the foreman asked us to do.

Exactly 10 days after we were on the job site, I got to return for the dedication of the house and see one family’s life completely changed forever when they handed them the keys to their new house. 
It was awesome!
The new homeowner said, “This is a dream come true.”
I wanted to share a couple pictures from the dedication, and a general bio on the family.

(click to enlarge)

Final thoughts: If you are looking for a non-profit that has the potential to tug at your heart strings every single time you volunteer – whether you are raising money or hammering a nail – this is a tremendous organization.
I feel blessed and humbled that I played a part in Semert’s dream coming true.
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