I’ve written several blog posts about working out of the house. Actually in my first month of blogging, I wrote two:

DATE: May 5, 2008

FOCUS: First day working out of the house

• Question: “Are you mad about the possibility of bad weather today?”  Answer: “No. Why?”  Question: “Because of your tee time.”

• (After missing a phone call) “Were you getting your sweat pants out of the dryer?”

• “What time did you start drinking?”

DATE: May 18, 2008

FOCUS: Advice for working out of the house


• I have started my third week as CEO/President of e-Partners in Giving, which means I’m now an expert on working from home.

• Advice: Open the blinds

• Conversation with drive-thru guy at Sonic

These are good reminders why working out of the house is NOT the perfect and/or ideal situation. It’s really good – don’t get me wrong – but I would NEVER use the adjective “perfect” to describe it.

There was actually a wonderfully great incident this weekend that made me utter part of the Dark Side oath: “I wish I had an office.”


My wife (TK) and I were driving home from my mom and dad’s on Sunday afternoon. We had a nice breakfast with my folks and my little sister, Allison….stopped by my grandmother’s to say a quick hello….headed back to Fort Worth around 12:30 p.m.

We didn’t have crazy plans for the rest of the day. I was going to pick up my Little Brother Anthony and “just chill” around the house. (His phrasing, not mine.) TK was going to go to yoga.

At 1:03 p.m. my cell phone buzzed and all hell broke loose. (Again…this turns into a fantastic story, but for 107 minutes…I prefer the verbiage “neurotically hellacious.”)

1:03 p.m.
(driving outside of Keene, Texas, approximately 30 minutes from home; phone buzzes…”Private Number”)

ME: “This is Drew.”

WOMAN’S VOICE: “Hi! This is Sana from CBS 11….” (All I really heard was “CBS 11”)

ME: (kind of interrupting & praying that Keene, Texas, hadn’t missed the memo about cell phones and specifically cell phone towers) “Yes. How’s it going?”

CBS 11: “Are you in town?”

ME: (slightly pushing on the accelerator a little firmer) “Ummm…kind of. I’m driving back to Fort Worth right now.”

CBS 11: “We were wondering if we could visit with you today about leaving TCU and starting your own company….”

I won’t bore you with the whole back and forth, but Sana Syed was going to be at my office/house – along with a cameraman and a satellite truck – in less than two hours.

ME: “That’s perfect….see you then.”

1:06 p.m.
(right foot VERY heavy on the accelerator…speed limit signs irrelevant….my mind actually going faster than the car.)

ME: “That was Channel 11. 
They’re going to do a story on e-Partners today.”

TK: (pumping her fist in the air) “Yes!”

Then I explained to TK that by the time we made it home, we would have one hour to make the office/house “TV Ready.”

TK: “Yikes!”

1:07 p.m.
TK and I start to put together a game plan to attack the office/house. Here are some snippets over the next 26 minutes:

NOTE: Our house was not dirty or messy, but definitely not ready for CBS 11. Again…if there was only a definite line between home and office. Despite what I tell the IRS…there’s really not!

ME: “You start with the kitchen and I’ll work on the office…

TK: “Let’s just throw everything in the back bedroom (our bedroom) and close the door…”

ME: “Do we have any extra laundry baskets? I’ll just shove all my clutter in those.”

TK: “Let’s move that table out of the office…”

ME: (interrupting) “Move furniture? Are you kidding…No, you’re right…let’s throw that in the bedroom, too.”

TK: “What about Anthony?”

ME: (eyes wide, staring at the clock) “Crap…I mean YIKES!”

NOTE: One phone call to his mom, saved me 30 minutes – she agreed to drop him off at the house.

ME: (still driving like a contestant on “The Amazing Race”) At 2: 15, 

I HAVE to stop what I’m doing and get cleaned up and shave…”

TK: “What are you going to wear?”

That topic over-shadowed “Mission: Get the House Ready” for the rest of the drive.

1:33 p.m.
Pull into the driveway

1:34 p.m.
Start throwing anything not nailed down into the bedroom; Tanya started hiding the toaster and other irrelevant appliances that I assume made our counters look cluttered. (When asked about it later, “I didn’t want CBS 11 to know that we eat toast.”)

2:06 p.m.
Office/house starting to take shape (unless you opened our bedroom door…it looked like a PODS storage unit.)

2:07 p.m.
I stood at our bedroom door and mumbled  to myself, “Why do we have so much crap?”

2:08 p.m.
I was mopping the office floor, while Tanya was hiding the blender.

2:10 p.m.
Anthony shows up…I apologize about the chaos and hand him some Windex and a rag.

2:15 p.m.
I start to shave and take a junior high shower (damp wash cloth under the armpits and a couple squirts of cologne).

2:17 p.m.

TK: (sticking her head into the bathroom) “What are you going to wear?”

ME: (wearing a shaving cream Fu Manchu) “Wear? What am I going to say?”

2:33 p.m.
Decide to go casual with my attire – jeans and purple button down (Go Frogs!)

2:40 p.m.
Spray some Febreze and light some candles.

2:42 p.m.
Take a deep breath…sit down and ask Anthony about school.

2:43 p.m.
Doorbell rings


The rest of the story is pretty awesome:

• I feel so blessed and grateful that I got to share my story.

• I love the fact that I got to spread the word about giving back.

• I thought it was cool that they shot footage of me and Anthony working on his new model airplane, which was a birthday present. (photo below)

• I was so proud of Anthony for agreeing to be interviewed and doing such an amazing job.

• I was so appreciative of Sana and John for taking a group shot next to the CBS 11 satellite truck. (photo below)

It was perfect ending to a chaotic day.

At 5:30 p.m. – 4 hours and 7 minutes from the initial phone call – Anthony and I sat in my immaculate living room and watched the newscast on my freshly dusted TV.

ANTHONY: “Did you know they were coming over today?”

ME: “Nope.”

We were both glad they did, though.

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