UPDATE: Trying to Stay Focused on 101 List

I thought it was about time for an update on my 101 list.

8. Use my passport

Used it crossing Canadian border on March 11, 2009. No documentation (photos, video, etc.) – blog explanation to follow. (Teaser: I was detained)

45. Participate in regular Bible Study
Completed 16-week men’s fellowship at McKinney Bible Church; Focus of class: “Winning at Work and Home.”

52. Go to a rodeo
Went to Stockyards Championship Rodeo on Feb. 1, 2009

73. Ride on a train
Rode Amtrak Train from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, in route to ski trip in Vail. (blog here)


10. Go to a Texas Rangers game at a visitors’ ballpark

Going to try and slide this in on one of my business trips OR one of TK’s over-nights.

53. Post a video on You Tube
Going to post reenactment of No. 8 (see above) 

41. Break 4-hour mark in a marathon
I have put a lot of focus on this – next week, I will log 31 miles of training. Reminder: I am raising funds and awareness for Back on My Feet (more info here)

74. Start customer service blog
I’m so close to having this ready to roll. To put some added pressure on my self…launch date: April 1st.

76. Play paintball OR
79. Play a round of indoor (simulated) golf

For cost-cutting measures, Anthony and I haven’t done anything crazy fun in a while. I think my Little Brother deserves to join me on one of these adventures.

86. Ride on a motorcycle
I have already planted the seed with my brother. I’m hoping we can get a ride in before summer rolls around.
81. Take a self portrait in every National Park
I knew this was one of my biggest/most difficult endeavors out of the gate – since I have ZERO under my belt after 222 days, you can multiply that degree of difficulty by 63.

93. Read 200 books
By no means am I giving up on this task, either, but I’m only at 11. I wish I had read my own tips before putting this one in ink. (read tips here for creating a list here)

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