e-Partners in Giving has had its share of success over the last 11 months, but it has also had its share of hurdles, roadblocks, and set backs.

The biggest challenge we have faced to date – and continue to face on a daily basis – is blazing new trails in the death-care industry. Through partnerships with funeral homes across the country, we want to make memorial giving as easy as possible.

Easier said than done.

On a daily basis we get a handful of “…but that’s how we’ve always done it!” or “…why would we want to change?”

There are some days that can be nothing short of a beat down, but we regroup and continue raise awareness/interest about a product and a service we firmly believe in.

I recently read something by Jack Canfield (co-creator of “Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul”) that helped put our uphill climb into perspective. In his book “Success Principles,” he encourages the reader to “reject rejection.”

He says in order to be successful you need to learn how to deal with rejection.

“To get over rejection, you have to
realize that rejection is really a myth. It doesn’t really exist. It is simply a concept that you hold in your head. Think about it. If you ask Patty to have dinner with you and she says no, you didn’t have anyone to eat dinner with before you asked her, and you don’t have anyone to eat dinner with after you asked her. The situation didn’t get worse; it stayed the same. It only gets worse if you go inside and tell yourself something extra like ‘See, Mother was right. No one will ever like me. I am the slug of the universe.’ “


He shared a wonderfully great acronym: SWSWSWSW.

“Some will, some won’t; so what – someone’s waiting.”


He went on to give examples about those people who were turned down hundreds of time before they got a “yes.” (His “Chicken Soup” book received 130 rejections before eventually selling 8 million copies.)

The following words echoed in my soul: 
“If you’re committed to a cause that evokes your passion and commitment, you keep learning from your experiences, and you stay the course to the end, you will eventually create your desired outcome.”

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