GIVING BACK: Going ‘All the Way’ For One Day

I get an e-mail almost everyday, asking if e-Partners in Giving would be interested in some kind of volunteer initiative. (A lot of you can probably believe that, because I usually forward you a request right after that, asking you to be a part of it.)

Even though I have a hard time saying no to some amazing causes, I’ve started to be a little more selective. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

A few weeks ago, however, all the planets aligned and e-Partners in Giving was able to tackle three philanthropic endeavors on one Saturday.

MOM: “Can you help renovate a house for an underprivileged family in Glen Rose?”


CITY of FORT WORTH: “Please note that online registration is up and running for the 2009 Cowtown Great American Cleanup…”

Same day. Different times. Let’s do it!

ME: “If we’re going to go, we might as well go all the way. What else can we do that day?”

SAMARITAN HOUSE: “Run to Joe’s 5K and 10K coming up…”


In one string of e-mails…March 28th officially became e-Partners in Giving’s “Day of Giving.”

Of course, I can’t just go volunteer and not inform the world via Facebook or Twitter.

NOTE: I’m not bragging and/or showing off when I do this. I want it to be a motivational tool. I want people to say, “Drew is a pretty cool guy and he’s spending his Saturday giving back. Maybe I’ll turn off this golf tournament, skip my afternoon nap, or wait a couple hours to start drinking beer. I want to give back, too.”

Anyway…we were going to give back all day and I was going to blow it up via social media.

The following are the Twitter posts (and photos) from our “Day of Giving.”

A special thank you to members of the e-Partners in Giving family (especially TK and The Bulldog) for rolling up their sleeves for one full day of giving back. I love the fact that you guys have embraced our company’s vision and brand.

• e-Partners “Day of Giving” : Morning 10K benefiting Samaritan House, Cowtown Cleanup , and Christmas in Action (renovating homes for elderly)

• Decided to Tweet throughout our “Day of Giving” – 10K at 8 a.m. (Joe’s Run) to benefit Samaritan House #giving

• When planning our “Day of Giving” – 30-degree weather & 30-mph wind gusts weren’t in the forecast. Makes for better story. #giving

• e-Partners’ “Day of Giving” itinerary: 10K for Samaritan House, Cowtown Cleanup (Fort Worth), & Christmas in Action (Glen Rose)

• 15 mins until 10K – NOT tweeting on course – cold, windy, great! #giving

• Running for Samaritan House, but representing w/ Back on My Feet T-shirt #giving

• 10K done (7:30 pace) Samaritan House provides opportunities to people w/ HIV & AIDS #giving

• Quick change in truck (junior high shower) starting Cowtown Cleanup #giving

• About 1/2 way done w/ Clean-up – a lot of trash b/c of old homeless camps – found vacuum & candy machine #giving

• Part 2 of “Day of Giving” done – I’ve got a truck full of trash & hour drive to Glen Rose (Christmas in Action) #giving

• Drive-thru for lunch – just realized that I haven’t showered – nothing a little home improvement won’t fix (little stiff too) #giving

• Part 3: Christmas in Action (renovating homes of elderly) #giving

• “Day of Giving” part 3 – cutting down trees & putting sheet metal around house Family w/ 4 kids, no dad & no $ #giving

• “Day of Giving” done – I’m pretty whipped and REALLY stinky I’m glad I did it! Never stop giving back #giving

• VERY sore from yesterday’s “Day of Giving” — starring down the barrel of a 17-mile run today. #giving

• Final Tweets from “Day of Giving” – Links: Samaritan House (; Cowtown Cleanup ( #giving

• “Day of Giving” – Links: Christmas in Action (; Back on My Feet ( #giving

As I reflected on the day, I realized that each initiative was simply a hand up – not a hand out – to a group of individuals or communities. It was reminder how fortunate we truly are, and how a small gesture of generosity can go a long way.

Whether it was the Samaritan House residents cheering us on at the end of the race, or seeing the appreciative mother of four whose quality of life just improved tenfold – it was a powerful day.


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