STUNNED SILENCE: Giving Back on a Whole Different Level

The scope of some people’s generosity continues to blow me away.

In a good way.

You constantly see the “me, me, me” of our society, but there are still A LOT of people stepping up to the plate and graciously giving back.

It’s so refreshing to see.

Here are a couple wonderfully great examples that I recently saw firsthand.

We were finishing up our Adopt-a-Client initiative, when I got a phone call from one of my former co-workers at TCU, Alex Cunningham. He wanted to support our efforts of helping our shelter friend, Cole, get back on his feet. (original blog post here)

We were still searching for some miscellaneous items to help get Cole settled in his new apartment (e.g. bookcase, end tables, lamps, etc.).

ALEX: “I have this gift certificate for some custom-built furniture, would you like to use it?”

ME: “Are you sure?”

ALEX: “It’s some pretty high-end stuff and I wouldn’t waste it on my crappy bachelor pad.”

ME (laughing): “That would be awesome. Thank you.”

ALEX: “You should be able to get something pretty decent for $1,000.”

ME (not laughing): “HOW MUCH!?!?”

ALEX: “$1,000.”

ME: stunned silence

What I wanted to scream into the phone was:

• “You’re a stud!”

• “You rock the house!”

• “Are you kidding me?!?!”

• “Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”

I played it cool, though. Once the shock wore off, I simply expressed my appreciation and enthusiasm with a heartfelt, “Thank you so much, Alex.”

I quickly reached out to Techline – the company who issued the gift certificate. This is where the story gets even more wonderfully fantastic.

I explained to the members of the Techline team what we were trying to accomplish. 

They picked up the ball and ran with it.
You see, I didn’t realize that $1,000 at Techline MIGHT get you a simple nightstand. Reminder: This is high-end customized furniture.

TECHLINE SALES REP (Jennifer): “Don’t worry about it – let’s see what we can do for you guys. Let me talk to our owner, and we’ll see if we can hook you up.”

ME: stunned silence

That’s when Jennifer and the rest of the Techline team (Jerry, Carol and Carl – pictured right) elevated themselves to all-star status.

Jennifer called me back 48 hours later and let me know what our $1,000 gift certificate would get us. (Reminder: Normally, that amount would buy you a very nice drawer.)

The items being furnished for Cole’s apartment:

• Entertainment center, with bookcases on each side

• Bookcase

• Two end tables

JENNIFER: “I just sent you the photos.”

ME (looking at the images): more stunned silence

JENNIFER: “Drew….are you there?”

Techline recently delivered the furniture to Cole’s apartment. In the 103-degree heat, Bradley and Mark (also members of the all-star team – pictured right) hauled the furniture into his second-story abode.

They gently put the furniture in its appropriate place and added the hardware.

Cole wasn’t there – he was working – but his girlfriend, Adrianne, sat in stunned silence watching his new house become a home right before her eyes.

I would have given anything to see Cole’s expression when he walked into that apartment after a long, hot day at work. Just imagining his face makes me smile. I bet you anything he let out a “HOLY CRAP!” or something with a little more pop.

Here’s a little more pop, 
compliments of me:
• Alex, you are 
a bad ass!

• Team Techline, you guys are the shit!
Seriously, just thinking about how all of this has played out takes my breath away.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who supported this incredible project. A very special expression of gratitude to Alex and Team Techline – you guys are officially rock stars in my book.

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