CRUSH MY EXPECTATIONS:Let the Customer Service Revolution Begin

Customer service is now officially on alert!

After months of discussion and planning, I have launched a blog that makes companies accountable for the most important component of business – customer service.

If they fail – we will call them out.

If they crush our expectations with great customer service – we will sing their praises.

Without further ado, I introduce the CME* Revolution. (*Crush My Expectations)

Now, I am looking for foot soldiers to provide traction for this movement.

Your mission is simple: When you have a significant customer service experience – tremendous or awful – you give the manager/owner a pre-printed CME* card, and then you make a blog post acknowledging your experience.

The cards are simple and directs the individual to the blog – there is one card for a quality experience and a card for a negative one.


We have also made posting your experience on the CME* blog as simple as possible. There is an online form that you simply fill out and submit.

There are only two rules to joining this movement:

1) You cannot use this blog as a means to get free goods or services,

2) You cannot use this blog as a personal vendetta towards a particular company or business.

We simply want to recruit an army of like-minded individuals – who are sick and tired of settling for crappy customer service.

Again, our society is too content with poor customer service and it is about to stop RIGHT HERE. We also have to stop taking quality customer service for granted and putting convenience and price ahead of it.

If you are interested in joining this revolution, simply click here to make $15 donation. (This donation covers all of our printing and shipping of our CME* cards.)

Once we receive your donation – we will forward you specific instructions and the links to your positive and negative surveys.

Once you receive your cards in the mail – you’re an official foot soldier in the CME* Revolution.

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