LIST UPDATE: Trying to be ‘a one man wolf pack’

NOTE: This part three in a three-part series updating the status of my 101 List. These are brief little nuggets on things I’ve recently crossed off and/or about to conquer.

No. 62 Go See a Movie By Myself

Date Completed: July 23, 2009

Details: This is one of those simple tasks that can get lost in the shadow of items like “Take a Self Portrait in Every National Park” (No. 81). I think it’s these “little things” that make these lists special.

I like going to the movies by myself – and I probably take doing it for granted. Same with eating a double scoop of ice cream (No. 47) and making Christmas cookies for my neighbors (No. 36).

Sadly enough, if I didn’t have these things on my list, I might not even think about doing them in the heat of the moment.

• Nobody to go to the movies with: “I’ll just rent something from Blockbuster.”

• Mid-December: “Wow! I love laying on my couch in my underwear, drinking eggnog and watching ‘Christmas Vacation’ for the 76th time.”

Anyway, I went and saw “The Hangover” by myself. It was a perfect evening – TK was out of town and the Rangers were off. I sat in the dark, enjoyed the hell out of my buttered movie popcorn, and laughed uncontrollably.

Cross it off!

No. 74 Start a Customer Service Blog
Date Completed: July 27, 2009

Details: All of this is laid out in a blog post all its own. (click here to read)

I will say this, though: Please don’t settle for poor customer service. If it’s bad – say something, AND if it blows your socks off because it’s so good – say something, too.

No. 41 Break 4-hour mark in a marathon
Projected Date: November 15, 2009

Details: Already started 16-week training program for this 26.2-mile achievement. Running the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

No. 63 Attend a Book Signing
Projected Date: August 10, 2009

Details: I actually set this up for my kick-butt author friend Shauna Glenn. (I’ve doing a little PR/marketing for her) We scheduled her on a “Texas Swing” of independent bookstores across the state.

No. 88 Be the Mascot at a College Football Game
Projected Date: TBD

Details: I can’t really provide any particulars on this – it’s a covert mission inside the game-day festivities of an unspecified collegiate athletics department.

No. 98 Buy a T-Shirt from
Projected Date: Sooner than later

Details: I’ve added some “spice” to this task – I want to purchase a T-shirt that I actually voted on AND it got printed. I could easily go on there and buy a kick-butt shirt like, “When You Think About It, All Galaxies Are Far, Far, Away.” (visit by clicking here)

101. Participate in a “No Shave” month
Projected Date: September 2009

Details: I had a mock two-week run earlier this summer and I think I’m ready. I’m going to do it in conjunction with the Rangers’ postseason push.

In honor of the Rangers’ Wolfpack bullpen – which was inspired from a monumental monologue from “The Hangover” – I will let it go for 30 days. (I plan on documenting it using Daily Mugshot)

“I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack…”

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