BLOG FODDER: Screaming Kids & Fried Butter

I have a file on my computer, entitled “Blog.” This is where I keep all my fodder – which is anything and everything that I think will make a decent blog post.

I get ideas from anywhere and everywhere – books, magazines, TV, friends, family, experiences, and of course Facebook.

My only self-imposed rule: Try to stay within my parameters – “Life, Business, and Giving Back.” I do this for the simple fact that it’s blazed across the top of this web page. (Actually, I try to abide by that policy because nobody wants to read about my thoughts on politics, reality television, or what I ate for dinner.)

Here are some examples from that file on my computer (and a brief description on the possible focus/point of each post):

NOTE: Whether I ever get around to actually writing these is HUGE question mark.

• “Prayer for the families”

My new company partners with funeral homes to make memorial giving as easy as possible. This can be extremely sad. Even though we are providing a quality service to the families, they are still going through tremendous grief and heartache. Recently, I’ve been including these families on my daily prayer list.

Personally, I don’t handle death very well (another possible blog post) – and I’m sure I’m not alone. I just hope my prayer helps those families lean on God a little to get through the grieving process.

• “Am I REALLY ready to be a dad?”

This summer I went to Florida on a family vacation, which included my sister and her two children (a 4-year-old princess and a 16-month-old mama’s boy). I thought this would be a tremendous test for me and my expecting wife.

ME: “Bring it on!”


Without writing the whole blog post here and now, I’ll sum it up in four words: A LOT OF CRYING.

Needless to say, my life flashed before my eyes a more than several times on the trip and the anxiety level of being a daddy-to-be was ratcheted up a couple notches.

• “News story: Investor response”

Way back in March, e-Partners in Giving received some exposure in a local TV news feature. (see video here)

The story was tremendous for our young company, but it was a simple response by one of our investors that highlighted the 2-minute spot.

After watching the feature, he said, “I’m proud to have my money invested in this company.”

When things get rough – and I don’t know which way is up – I think back to that statement. It reminds me that even though our revenue stream is not where we want it OR need it to be – our brand and mission of giving back is strong.

• “The List”

My 101 List is ALWAYS combustible
fuel for my blog fire.

Example 1: Right now, I’m in the middle of no-shave month. (No. 101) What is that, you ask? Ummm…for one month, I don’t shave. Duh! I’m doing it in conjunction with the Rangers’ playoff push – in honor of the Wolfpack bullpen. (see my “Mugshow” to date)

Example 2: The State Fair of Texas is right around the corner, which means I have a golden opportunity to cross No. 78 off my list (“Eat a ‘fried concoction’ in front of Big Tex at the State Fair”). The featured fried fare this year is….butter. Yum!

• “Online fodder”
I also Bookmark online features that I’ve stumbled on – mostly having to do with business and entrepreneurship. Here are a few of examples:

• The Pleasure of Being an Entrepreneur 

• What’s Your Brand U.0? 
• 20 Tips for the New Entrepreneur – from Savvy Auntie 

Again, when I actually expand on these subjects and dedicate a entire blog post to each one is up in the air. Every day I tell myself, “I need to be blogging. I need to be blogging.”

Hey…wait a second…

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