At a recent Meetup Group, I “won” the opportunity to give a one-minute commercial about e-Partners in Giving to other entrepreneurs. Instead of focusing on the partnerships in our targeted industries – death-care & non-profit – I decided to put an emphasis on our brand of giving back.
I typed it up and wanted to share it here:
I used to be a “holiday volunteer” – you know…go down to the local homeless shelter on Thanksgiving and Christmas – maybe Easter…spend a couple of hours so I didn’t feel guilty about gorging myself later that day 
with turkey and dressing.

Now I live by the mantra “Never Stop Giving Back” and spend anywhere from 25 to 30 hours a month volunteering.

Why…because I finally found my passion, and I completely blurred the lines of my life – business and pleasure, free time and work hours.

A little over one year ago, I took control of my life, quit my job in college athletics and started my own company – e-Partners in Giving, which is a web site that makes online giving as easy as possible.

Going into this, we were very aware that web sites like this already existed, but we felt like there are several things that separate us – the No. 1 thing being our dedication to walk the walk. We aren’t just encouraging people to give back – we are actually doing it.

Whether that’s spending time with my Little Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters or staying up all night at Relay For Life event.

I have been gloriously ruined to take action, and I have found several causes that eat at my soul.

So I ask you…“What tugs at your heartstrings?” Once you find it, we encourage you to “Never Stop Giving Back.”

e-Partners in Giving can help you do that.
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