REMINDER: Life Has No Rewind Button –You Might As Well Live ‘Full Throttle’

I’m starting to fall in love with the term “full throttle.”

It has come up a couple times this week – the most impactful being at my men’s fellowship class. Our pastor talked about loving more deeply, laughing more often, giving more generously, and living more boldly.


He encouraged us to “untie our ropes” and live with no regrets.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, he also addressed the issues that keep us from “throwing off the bowlines and sailing away from the safe harbor,” as Mark Twain so poetically put it. Those deterrents included:

• Lies
     (e.g. the assumption that there will be a tomorrow – “I’ll start that next week.”)
• Guilt
• Anger
• Pride
• Self-pity

As our pastor closed us in prayer, I told God that I feel like I AM living “full throttle” and I expressed my gratitude. Thanks to my faith in Him – I’m able to live boldly without any fear. (Not reckless…just boldly.) I’m able to take risks. I’m able to chase my dreams. I’m able to love with all my heart. I’m able to be the best husband, brother, son, and boss that I can be.

Is that too prideful? Definitely no self-pity, huh?

Anyway, I’ve already had the opportunity to spread the word about living “full throttle.”

Some family friends have a 12-year-old granddaughter going toe-to-toe with Leukemia. She is so brave and strong – a true inspiration. (I kind of feel sorry for the cancer – Ms. Presley is a tiger.)

I wear a bracelet on my right wrist to let her, and her family, know that they’re constantly on my mind and in my prayers. Her grandparents, who I know very well, have requested time and time again for photos of people wearing the bracelets.

ME: “Oh…I’ll do it tomorrow” and/or “I’ll get around to it.” (see lies above)

I was dropping the ball and finally said, “ENOUGH! It’s time.”

This is where it goes “full throttle” – instead of simply e-mailing Presley’s grandmother a picture of me wearing the bracelet, I found EVERY picture I could put my hands on with the bracelet on display. I took those photos, added some music, and turned it into a short video.

The title (appropriately enough): “Going Full Throttle: Adventures of the Bracelet”

I also included little life lessons on each picture – specifically for Ms. Presley.

As I uploaded the video to YouTube and sent the link to Presley’s family, though, I quickly realized that I was preaching to the choir about going “full throttle.”

If there is ANYONE in this world doing that…it’s Presley Boydston. Not only is she kicking the crap out of cancer, she is designing T-shirts, going to school, updating her blog, and loving the hell out of her family.

Through the e-mail updates that I receive – I know she has rough days, but I also know that she is loving deeply, laughing often, giving generously, and living boldly.


I wanted to share the video with everyone.

Reminder: This is not about me – I just happen to be acting like a moron in every picture. This is about Presley and her courageous fight against Leukemia.

Keep your eye on the baby blue bracelet and let the life lessons sink in. (NOTE: You may want to make the video full-screen in order to read the life lessons.)

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