2010 Goals: ‘Pick up that Sword and Let’s Fight’

When is the last time you had an epiphany – a thunderous punch of realization right to your gut?

Mine came a couple months ago, and it was more like a round-house kick to the face.

The sting of that epiphany has culminated into this blog post, which revolves around my short-term and long-term goals in every facet of my life.

First…how I got to this point: I don’t want to be over-dramatic and/or cliché, and say that I hit rock bottom – but I did hit something.

I was tired of pretending that I had all the answers.

I was tired of thinking that I had to be perfect.

I was tired of fearing failure.

My business was barely generating traction, I had no income coming in, and my first child was peeking at me through my wife’s belly button.

“Here I come, daddy!”

I was confused, and my confidence was in the toilet.

Like most desperate men, I gave myself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror and told myself to “buck up.”

“Stop crying, little baby! Figure it out!”

After a couple of weeks, that egotistical experiment made things worse. I was paralyzed.

Then I heard a whisper – one that I’ve heard before – and I realized everything was going to be fine. I imagined God standing in front of me, wearing his tattered battle armor and waving his arm – as to say, “Let’s go. Follow me.”

His whisper: “Pick up the sword that I’ve laid at your feet and let’s fight – together.”

He began opening doors for me that I didn’t even know existed.

One of those doors was a business advisory group in Houston – a wonderful group of successful entrepreneurs who were getting together twice a month to discuss issues of running a business.

“Hey…that’s me!”

I inquired about joining the group, went through the interview process, and now show up in H Town every other Friday.

It has been a true blessing.

Since starting in October, the BAG sessions have provided clarity about who I am, where I am in my life, and where I want to go.

This clarity mostly revolves around goals – a strategic plan to live the life you dream of.

“What are some of your goals?” one of the members asked me during the interview process.

ME: “Goals? Well….I don’t know….I mean, I have….ummmm…..that would be a pretty good idea.”

Seeds of clarity and direction unintentionally planted.

For the last couple months, I have been working on my goals. I started out by taking a hard look at where I am and writing a “being statement” – my vision/dream of the person I want to be.

Then, I created a five-year plan and a list of goals for 2010 that fit into that plan. (I will do the same thing in 2011 and 2012.)

Most recently, I assigned Accountability Coaches to each of my life facets.

In this particular blog post, I wanted to share how I prioritized my life facets, explain where I am in my life, and include my “being statement.” I have provided links that breakdown the life facets, which includes the five-year plan and goals for 2010.

NOTE: These are NOT resolutions. The fact that I’m rolling them out on Jan. 2 is totally coincidental. These are my goals. My dreams. My vision of where I want to go.

Why I am sharing this with the world – or at least the 24 people who regularly read my blog?

It’s about putting leverage on myself. It’s about being transparent and not hiding behind the metaphorical mask.

It’s actually pretty invigorating.

I’m also a firm believer that if you write things down, you start training your subconscious mind to start making it a reality. (A blog is “writing it down” on steroids.)

Two things that I’ve learned in this process: 1) In five years, I’ll be 40 years old, and 2) The true measure of success should be the relationships that we develop along the way – not money, fame, or fancy “stuff.”



Where Am I Right Now: Strong faith & relationship with Christ, but NOT attending church on regular basis

Being Statement: I will make God look good by the way I live my life, and use my faith as the foundation for the rest of my life facets

Five-year plan and goals


Where Am I Right Now: First child on the way – solid foundation of love & respect between me & my wife; Immediate family lives within hours drive – try to see them every couple of weeks

Being Statement: I will be the husband my wife deserves & the role model my children need

Five-year plan and goals


Where Am I Right Now: Constantly put an emphasis on giving back & helping those less fortunate; My conviction statement: Everyone deserves a fighting chance to be successful

Being Statement: I will make giving back sexy and cool – be a motivation to others to give back

Five-year plan and goals


Where Am I Right Now: I am president/CEO of start-up company, e-Partners in Giving…We have been operational for 13 months; Limited cash flow, morale low, and questioning business model; Forced to take “real job” – since company has not generated necessary traction/momentum

Being Statement: I will utilize my leadership abilities to develop a unique business model/assemble a like-minded team that inspires social entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Incubator)– create, sell, repeat; Involved in the daily operations – not just financially invested – each project will fund the next

Five-year plan and goals


Where Am I Right Now: Have Master’s Degree in Ed. Administration; recently started Rapport Leadership Training; know how to say bathroom and beer in Spanish (bano & cerveza)

Being Statement: Advice from my grandfather: “Never stop learning.” I will apply this advice to every aspect of my life

Five-year plan and goals

6. PHYSICAL (Health)

Where Am I Right Now: Recently had first physical as an adult – ‘extremely healthy’; Have had some sleep issues in the past – nothing significant; Active w/ primary source of exercise coming from running; Social drinker – no smoking; Watch what I eat – limited fast food & no sodas.

Being Statement: I will maintain my current weight and level of fitness and inspire others around me to live an active, healthy lifestyle as well.

Five-year plan and goals


Where Am I Right Now: MESS! Extreme debt b/c of business (mostly credit cards); Limited Savings; No investments – except for wife’s 401K

Being Statement: Money will never be an obstacle for my family

Five-year plan and goals


Where Am I Right Now: Have a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days (487 days left); Most social activities revolve around giving back; Limited funds have handcuffed us from going out a lot

Being Statement: I will not forget to have fun and maximize any situation that I’m placed in; I will focus on the success of the people that I love.

Five-year plan and goals

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