I NEED HELP! My Accountability Coaches for 2010

Part of my realization over the last few months has included the fact that it’s OK to ask for help.

For most of my life, I’ve been pig-headed and stubborn about this simple practice.
“I can do it on my own!”
I’ve actually been a little arrogant about the situation, too.“Not only can I do it on my own – I can do it better than anyone else.”
Realization: To be successful in life, I have to check my ego at the door and turn to more talented and capable people to help get me where I want to go.That’s why I’ve assigned Accountability Coaches for 2010.
I went through my Rolodex (a.k.a my Friends List on Facebook)and hand-selected the individuals I want to help hold me accountable in 2010.I did NOT ask these people to do this. I simply put the ball in their court, and I’m hoping that they step up to the plate to help.
These are people I respect and admire. They also inspire me in how they live their lives. (At least the part that I’m asking for help in.)
Example: One of my Accountability Coaches for “Family” is my brother, John. He is a loving husband and devoted son and brother. He knows the value of family and does not take it for granted. I’m convinced that John can help me keep family at the forefront of my priorities.Reminder….I don’t want to seem like a good husband – I want to BE a good husband. I don’t want to seem like nurturing father – I want to BE a nurturing father.
I know John can help me in this area of my life, just like my friend Kelly can hold be accountable about giving back (significance) and my friend Will can make sure I’m having a little fun (social).
Some of my Coaches I talk to every day, while some I simply follow via social media. Some aren’t going to be shocked that they’re one of my Coaches, while others might say, “Drew who?”
I assigned two to three Coaches to each of my life facets (i.e. spiritual, business, physical, etc.) I chose more than one – just in case one of the other Coaches drops the ball. (I don’t want to fumble because someone else did.)
If your name is on the list and you aren’t interested in helping me – please let me know. (Definitely no hard feelings.)
NOTE: My wife is not one of my Accountability Coaches because she is too close to the situation. That held true for a lot of my other friends as well.
What does it mean to be an Accountability Coach?
Two requirements: 1) You simply have to ask me from time to time about my goals in that particular life facet (if you want to ride my ass…feel free, but you can just casually mention it from time to time), and 2) You HAVE to let me help you do something in 2010.
That’s it!
You don’t have to call me everyday.
You don’t have to fill out any paperwork and/or sign anything on Dec. 31, 2010.
Just call or e-mail and ask, “How’s it going?”
Here are my life facets and my Accountability Coaches for each one:SPIRITUAL (goals here)
– Brian Hatton (college buddy)
– Matt Lewis (friend from TCU & church)
– Mark Wylie (friend from TCU & church)
– John Howard (my brother)
– Dave Quinn (friend from West Texas)
SIGNIFICANCE (goals here)
– Kelly Imig (friend who works for Big Brothers Big Sisters)
– Catherine Ruehle (friend with huge heart for giving back)
– Jenna Sauber (friend who is huge advocate for Nothing But Nets)
BUSINESS (goals here)
– Mark Rusell (friend, entrepreneur & funeral director in Baton Rouge)
– Luis Caballero (friend, entrepreneur & marketing guru)
– Amy Schroeder (friend, entrepreneur & business owner in Dallas)
EDUCATION (goals here)
– Kimbra Quinn (friend from West Texas)
– Mike Bloomberg (friend & entrepreneur)
PHYSICAL/HEALTH (goals here)
– Greg Jones (best friend who recently started running)
– Chelsey Hughes (friend, runner & triathlete)
– Julie Brauer (friend & runner)
FINANCIAL (goals here)
– Brad Amidei (college buddy)
– JR Holland (friend from Fort Worth)
SOCIAL (goals here)
– Will Berend (college buddy living in Minnesota)
– Katie Giangreco (friend from TCU)
To read my blog post about my 2010 goals (click here).

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