LIFE FACETS: Significance

Editor’s Note: This is a goal breakdown for one of my eight life facets – includes where I am now, a being statement, 5-year goals and goals for 2010. Some of the goals are tangible and some our intangible.


Where Am I Now: Constantly put an emphasis on giving back & helping those less fortunate; My conviction statement: Everyone deserves a fighting chance to be successful.

Being Statement: I will make giving back sexy and cool – be a motivation to others to give back

By 2015, I will have…

– Made Fort Worth the most giving city in the United States, while personally accumulating more than 2,000 hours of community service.

– Brought a chapter of Back on My Feet to DFW

– Maintained & cultivated my relationship with my Little Brother (BBBS)

– Gone on one mission trip

2010 Goals:

– Accumulate 400 hrs of community service (almost 8 hours a week)

– Start prison mentoring

– Continue relationship w/ Little Brother

– Do five presentations that revolve around my conviction statement

– Research possible metrics/platform to make FW most giving city in America

– Serve on two Boards of local 501(c)(3) organizations

Goal Breakdown

Accountability Coaches

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