My College Archive:Fishing for the Definition of Individuality

NOTE: “I was blogging…when blogging wasn’t cool. From my hat down to my boots…” (Re-read & imagine Barbara Mandrell singing it.)

I recently found some of the columns I wrote on a weekly basis for my college newspaper. It was the mid-90s and “blog” was something we did the morning after going to the bar. I thought it would be neat – at least for me – to share some of my favorite ones.

– – –

I think it’s neat that there are people who watch fishing on TV.

I would rather watch something more exciting, like Styrofoam decomposing, but I think it’s cool people sit around and watch this sort of meaningless programming.

The other day, I was at a friend’s house, flipping through the channels when I came across one of these fishing shows. I surf past these types of shows all the time, but for some reason, I stopped on this particular episode.

And it actually got me thinking.

I could care less about fishing and anything associated with fishing – fishing lures, fishing line, fishing poles and fishing boats – but as I watched this particular episode, I started realizing that there are people who do care.

It’s hard to believe, but a fishing show made me realize that every person is different and special in his or her own way.

I actually started thinking about this last semester, while I was sitting in my geology class – but the fishing show pushed me over the edge and forced me to sit down and write about it.

In geology, my professor would stand at the front of the class and just talk and talk about rocks.

I know that’s what you study in geology, but you don’t understand…this man was all about rocks and never ran out of things to say about them. It was amazing.

At the start of the semester, I would poke fun at him for knowing so much about rocks, because I put rocks right up there with fishing shows.

But halfway through the semester, I stopped making fun of him – because I realized that’s what he likes. I didn’t care, but this man obviously did.

I guess you could say my geology class – which I only went to a handful of times – planted the seed of individuality. The fishing show forced the concept to take root in my brain.

I like certain things that other people could honestly live without. That’s what makes me who I am (I think the word I’m looking for is unique).

Think about this scary scenario:

If everyone were like me, we’d have millions and millions of six-page newspapers, filled with millions and millions of columns about stupid things – like showering in the dark.

There would be no doctors, lawyers, or garbage men.

If everyone were like me, Aerosmith would be the only band on the radio – with an occasional tune from Van Halen – and “The Paper” would be the Sunday Night Movie every week. The Cowboys and Rangers would have no trouble selling out their games, because those would be the teams everyone rooted for, if everyone was just like me.

There would be a run on Coors Lite, cookies and cream ice cream, and the No. 2 at McDonalds.

Chicken fried rice would be the national meal, and the guy you invented Snickers would be even more wealthy than he already is.

If everyone were like me, Demi Moore and/or Teri Hatcher and/or Gwyneth Paltrow would be in every movie ever made. There would millions of Land Cruisers on the road. And if everyone were like me, we’d all be living in Seattle.

As much as I hate to admit it…if everyone were like me, this world would be extremely boring.

If everyone were like you, it would be boring, too.

I guess I’ve always known this, but rocks and fishing shows really made me realize it.

I think it’s awesome there are people in the world that get off on working on cars, doing scientific experiments, and selling everything from hot dogs to insurance.

I think it’s great there are some people who like Coolio and others who like Garth Brooks.

I like the fact there are people who prefer ballet over football games and comedies over dramas.

I couldn’t imagine if everyone liked soap operas and hated sitcoms.

I like the fact when you go into a restaurant, there isn’t just one thing on the menu.

I guess you could say the world is like those variety pack of cereal – The Wheaties, Cherrios and Lucky Charms are all different in their own special way, but together they are one.

I have a brand new respect for fishing shows….does anyone want to watch an episode?

Me neither.

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