Social Media Experiment: Tweetest Time to Post

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written Oct. 6, 2010, as part of a social media experiment that I decided to document along the way. I had dreams of creating this “scientific journal” but it turned into eight pages of babble. Click here to see introductory post.

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While I’ve already admitted extensive use of social media on a daily basis – there are certain times when I become a status-updating fiend:

• During TCU Football Games
• During Texas Ranger Baseball Games
• When I am traveling
First pitch…status update.
Standing in security checkpoint at airport…Tweet, Tweet, status update, Tweet.
The only thing I can figure: I am obsessively passionate about the Frogs and Rangers and there is A LOT of down time at the airport.
We’ll…it’s only been two days, but I’ve already I received my first test in this social media experiment.
For the first time in 11 years, my beloved Texas Rangers played in a postseason game.
Reminder: First pitch…status update.
It was the biggest game since 1999 and I couldn’t Tweet about it.

I couldn’t gripe about blown calls, crappy managerial decisions or missed scoring opportunities.
I couldn’t “cheer” with other Ranger fans when something magical happened.
Every time one of these moments occurred during Game 1, I instinctively reached for my Blackberry.
But I stopped myself, quickly realizing that my “sickness” was even impacting the way I watched a baseball game.
To help me cope, I decided that “detox posting” was necessary. (Fake posts typed into Microsoft Word.) I found it very comforting to share what I would have posted/Tweeted.
Here are my quasi-updates:

“I’m not throwing a pitch or taking a swing, but I am beyond-myself nervous heading into this playoff game. GO RANGERS!”

“Had big plans to watch game at local bar – nothing like baseball & beer at 12:30 on weekday. BUT THEN, I got a call from my sick wife. Homeward Bound.”

“A LOT of nervous energy…forced to clean house between innings. My house will be spotless by the time this game is over.”

“Making mental note of people who e-mail or call me during the game. They’ll be officially put on a list of people who don’t really like me very much.”

“Rangers win! Nerves temporarily calmed. Unfortunately have to get back to work. – dang you, 12:30 playoff game!”

“Since I’m superstitious: I have to watch rest of playoffs on my couch, son has to have explosive diarrhea & wife must lay on bathroom floor, trying not to chunk.”

The “detox posting” definitely helped, but I think I’m going to draw a line in the sand and just stop for the rest of the playoffs.

Maybe I’ll pay more attention to the game.
Maybe I’ll just yell at my kid and/or dog if the Rangers do something stupid.
Maybe I’ll just appreciate it for what it is – baseball in October.

Maybe I’ll actually enjoy a victory.
By the time you’re reading this…the Rangers could be World Champions. (Of course, no one will know because I wasn’t able to Tweet about it.)*

*Editor’s Note: Damn those San Francisco Giants.

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