We Love Signing Off: 3 Simple Letters, 1 Powerful Message

EDITOR’S NOTE: To celebrate my son turning 2 years old on Feb. 16, this is Part II of a four-part series describing my Crash-course initiation into daddyhood. This is a PERFECT post to share on Valentine’s Day. This post was originally published on April 4, 2010.

• • •
Before TK and I knew we were having a boy, we were prepared like most parents-to-be. We had a girl’s name AND a boy’s name picked out for our little “space peanut.”

The girl’s name we decided on was Ily (pronounced eye-lee).

We loved it because it was unique, but the story and meaning behind Ily made it wonderfully great.

Every time my mom closes a letter, e-mail or text message, she writes “ILY” for I love you.

“Call your grandmother. ILY, Mom”

“Dinner Thursday night? ILY, Mom”

“I need computer help! ILY, Mom”

The name was perfect! Three simple letters but very powerful in so many ways.

But God had other plans. He gave Ily a penis and blessed us with a beautiful little boy.

Most people know our precious angel as Crash, but his given name is Truett Greer Myers.

So now – when TK and I close an e-mail, text, or note now – we write “TGM”…for I love you.

“Can you pick up the dry cleaning? TGM, Drew”

“On my way home. TGM, Tanya”

“Kiss my boy for me! TGM, Drew”

As I’ve expressed countless number of times since Crash was born – he is the essence of love.

He represents God’s love.

He represents the love between me and TK.

Every time we sign off with “TGM” it reminds us of that.

Parent On!

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