Attacking Life: 55 Things in 555 Days

Over the next 555 days, I WILL complete the following 55 items. It started on Feb. 20, 2012 and expired Aug. 28, 2013.  (my new list)

* carry-over items from my original 101 List.

++ Accomplished after list expired


1. Get shoes shined

When I was stuck in the St. Louis airport with my 2-year-old son, I decided to go for it. My Red Wings never looked so shiny. 

2. Appreciate sunrise & sunset in same day

Highlight of “Live the List Weekend” February 16-17, 2013.

Blog Excerpt: “It was a magical spectacle of colors as the sun hit the calm water and motionless trees. I sat there sipping my coffee and asking myself: “What does it really mean to ‘appreciate’ something?” (complete blog post)

3. Ride a horse

4. Shave my head

When we did a trial run of living in the country – I decided to go for it!

5. Teach a continuing education class

6. Eat Lobster

We didn’t just eat lobster – we cooked it, too.

For some reason, I had never eaten lobster. I think it’s because I tried to order it as a kid and my mom said: “Lobster is ONLY for a special occasion.” I’d been gun-shy ever since.

7. Get a straight-edge razor shave

Excerpt from blog post that I wrote about this wonderfully great experience:

As the third hot towel was wrapped around my face, my mind started to wonder. I asked myself rhetorical questions as my skin started to soften and my pores were opening up: 

Q: “Why haven’t I done this before?”

Q: “Why hasn’t everyone done this before?”

8. Write a letter to the editor*

9. Ride on a motorcycle

10. Ride on a float in parade*

I had visions of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when I added this to my list, but I figured it would be me…in a trailer…in Glen Rose, Texas….IT WAS!

11. Buy a real Christmas tree

Christmas 2012: The fact we chunked our artificial tree in 2011 made this one pretty easy. 

12. Plant a garden

 Part of “Live the List Weekend” February 16-17, 2013. My dad and I planted turnips, strawberries and spinach over the course of the weekend. 

13. Have water balloon fight

14. See a drive-in movie

15. Attend a pancake supper

It wasn’t exactly a “supper” BUT it was held at a community center and I  ate pancakes and sausage links that some random philanthropist prepared and served on a styrofoam plate.

16. See 10 movies by myself

DEFINING AN ADVENTURE (includes travel)

17. Ride in a hot air balloon++

Mark it off: August 9, 2014

Blog excerpt: As soon as the basket lifts off the ground, adrenaline rushes to your brain and your breathing pattern immediately changes. All of your senses know that you’re in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. (read entire post here)

18. Visit 5 National Parks (3/5)

• Rocky Mountain National Park (July 2012)

• Hot Springs National Park (March 2013)

• Grand Canyon National Park (May 2016)

19. Summit a “Fourteener”

20. Go on a cruise++

21. Throw a dart at a map & go where it lands

22. Watch Rangers play in 6 different ballparks (1/6)

– April 14, 2012: Rangers at Minnesota

Texas Rangers23. Attend Spring Training

On March 18, 2013, Team Myers traveled to Surprise, Arizona, to watch my beloved Texas Rangers get it on in the desert.

24. Sky dive++

Mark it off: March 7, 2014 (the day my third life list expired)

25. Go fly fishing*

26. Play paintball*

Staring down the barrel of my 555-day deadline, I talked my brother-in-law into getting it on with a little paint and CO2. I received a text the next day from brother-in-law: “Very memorable…more importantly it/you sold me on the idea of making a list.”

– – –


27. Go on a mission trip

28. Disciple someone

I started discipling another brother in Christ in November 2012 through Ministry Catalysts, which launches Christ-centered multipliers into their unique spheres of influence.

29. Invite 6 people to go to church with us (6/6)

– – –


30. Take Crash camping++

Six amazing words from my son: “I like camping with you, daddy.

31. Live in a different city for 1 month

Ily Belle MyersThe closest I came to crossing this off my list was an extended business trip to New Orleans. I “lived” in the Crescent City for
2 1/2 weeks.

32. Have a second child

Ily Anabelle Myers was born on July 26, 2013.
Here is a blog post about her nightmarish birth.

33. Be debt free

34. Paint our house

35. Host a game night

This was a little bit of a stretch for “game night,” but after everyone turned in Saturday night of my “Live the List Weekend,” I played a couple rounds of “Cooter” with my friend Kimbra and her 10-year-old son, Griffin.

– – –


36. Submit a book proposal

37. Get real estate license

Passed my state and national exam on Aug. 16, 2012 

– – –


38. Complete P90x

I’ve only started five times and never made it more than two weeks. #fail 

39. Break 4 hours in Marathon++

My Facebook message after running The Army Marathon in Killeen on March 2, 2014:  Here are the highlights: Wind chill dropped to 22 degrees, there was light drizzle throughout, winds whipped up to 20 MPH (including last 3/4 mile in my face). It was a bad day to run…SO, I decided to go ahead and wreck it. I finished 3:57.46 (in my last marathon ever). 

40. Take a martial arts class

My brother-in-law and I took one free Krav Maga class. Does that count? Probably not, huh?

41. Run for 600 straight days (at least 1 mile)

I started this streak before making this list, but accomplished it on Sept. 30. AND still going!

– – –


42. Read 10 books (4/10)

How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrews (related blog posts)

The Noticer by Andy Andrews (related blog post)

The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

Beyond Belief  by Josh Hamilton and Tim Keown

43. Take a photography class

44. Take guitar lessons

45. Meet Steve Farber

Reminder: I dedicated the name of my blog to his incredible concept of love-inspired audacity. 

– – –


46. Win a contest

47. Watch “Braveheart” on the big screen

– – –


48. Help 25 people mark something off THEIR life list (25/25)

49. Inspire someone else to do a 55/555 list

50. Help Josh Hamilton mark something off his bucket list – REMOVED

This task was removed when Josh broke my Ranger-loving heart and signed a new multi-year contract with the rival Angels. TRADER!

– – –


51. Drink a beer with two of my former players from Blinn College
52. Tie a call to action to a helium balloon, let it go & see what happens
53. Go on a burger tour of Fort Worth (2/10)
– Love Shack
– Kincaid’s Gro. Market Hamburgers
– Fred’s Texas Cafe
– M&O Station Grill
– Dutch’s
– Charley’s
– Pop’s Burgers & Grill
– Shaw’s Patio Bar & Grill
– Chubby’s
– Tommy’s Hamburgers

54. Take my Little Brother Anthony to visit 4 universities (0/4)

55. Six weeks of Craig’s List

EXPLANATION: Sell six things on Craig’s List over the course of six weeks. 

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