YOU Can Change the Course of Human History!

I’m firmly convinced that good leaders know when to follow. I’m sure someone smarter than me “owns” that quote, but I don’t have the time to scour the internet looking for it…..


After watching one 29-minute video this morning: I’m officially engaged in a movement determined to bring one of the world’s worst war criminals to justice. 

I’m not leading….I’M FOLLOWING!

Part of my engagement in this mission is sharing a VERY powerful video.

NOTE: This is one of those posts that doesn’t need a lot of commentary from me. This video speaks for itself.

I will say this, though, I know you’re already creating trivial excuses in your head why you’re not going to invest 29 minutes in this video:




• Watch it over lunch;

• Watch it instead of pretending to do work;

• Watch it on your IPhone while your kid is at soccer practice;

• Watch it instead of the reality bullsh your going to watch on TV tonight;

• Log out of Facebook for 30 minutes and focus on something more profound than what you’re eating for dinner;

• Put down your copy of “The Hunger Games” and get educated about real kids, really getting killed for nothing more than “personal power.”

I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know about this before this morning. What kind of narcissistic, self-centered bubble do I live in?


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