Chalk It Up: Stick People & Cuss Words Be Damned

“Chalking” has significantly evolved since I was a kid. It’s come so far that there is an actual term for it…”chalking.”

We used to write on the sidewalk and driveway with “chalk rock,” and our masterpieces would stay there until the spring monsoons. It was almost like we etched our “art” into the pavement – and it definitely took more than a light rain to clear our canvas.

And let’s quickly define “masterpiece” – it was usually a couple stick people with an occasional cuss word.

Things have definitely changed.

Now they have special chalk that comes in more colors than a box of Crayons, and it seems like it washes away if the humidity gets above 85 percent. It’s pretty remarkable.

Have you seen the street artists who have taken this medium to another level? It’s AWESOME! (Definitely no stick people and f bombs.)

Despite their greatness, these examples were NOT the reason for this post. (Confession: I only added these pictures so I could pin them on Pinterest – and hopefully drive traffic to my blog.)

I wanted to use this post to share a neat idea that we “borrowed” from our neighbors. They capture life’s little moments with a camera and a little chalk on the sidewalk. (They’re really smart people, but I’m thinking they swiped the idea from somebody, too.)

I’ll admit…the photos turn out pretty cute. So, again, like any good neighbor…we stole it. When Crash turned two, TK put her unbeknownst art skills to work on our front porch, and we got this wonderfully great picture of our son.

Confession: I was a little jealous. (Reminder: Chalk rocks and “suck it.”)

Sooooo…the next time my neighbors were doing one of their special photo shoots – a tribute to Baby Nell turning 4 months old – I asked if I could get my picture taken.

They obliged, creating a special tribute to my youthfulness – on their driveway.

Needless to say, my “chalking” envy was squashed forever.

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