Power of 10: Get a Standing Ovation

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Power of 10” is a weekly feature that is a “list blog” of  personal, inspirational and/or off-the-wall topics. These lists are NOT unique content to the world wide web – just presented in a different way.

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Surely I’m not the ONLY person who dreams of the Big O – I want it. I need it. As an aspiring public speaker, there are NO two words potentially more sweeter than: Standing Ovation. (Which I have never received.)

Here are 10 tips that might help you AND ME deliver that O-mazing speech. (inspired by article in Inc. Magazine – which highlights a speech by energy executive Rebecca MacDonald):

I’m convinced that people appreciate transparency – they want to know the good, the bad AND the ugly.
This is your opportunity to endear yourself to your audience.

– – –

Want to kill a speech or presentation? Take the audience’s trust for granted.

– – –

You have permission to be funny.

– – –

This holds true for ANY marketing and communications –
why not when you’re speaking directly to a specific group?

– – –

Don’t take yourself too seriously, and remember
that no one likes to be around miserable and/or grumpy people.
If you’re not “feeling it” – neither will the audience.

Click to see Tips 6-10

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