Power of 10: Determining Happiness

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Power of 10” is a weekly feature that is a “list blog” of  personal, inspirational and/or off-the-wall topics. These lists are NOT unique content to the world wide web – just presented in a different way.

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I’m happy. I can’t put my finger on exactly why I’m happy, but I am. I don’t dread waking up in the morning, and I’m excited about attacking every day with reckless abandon.

Again, I’m not sure why.

I stumbled across a blog post that took into account the “marriage of science and subjectivity” surrounding happiness. The author took this “growing body of research” and developed 10 things that can determine human happiness.

Image Source: justloveyourself.blog.com

“It’s been revealed in study after study after study: happy people like themselves.
They think they’re pretty great people.”

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Image Source: sciencedaily.com

“According to ‘The Science of Lasting Happiness’– studies of twins and adoptees
have shown that about 50% of each person’s happiness is determined from birth.”

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Image Source: engineerleader.com

“The only competitor is the self.”

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Image Source: cbc.ca

“While you might find pleasure by happenstance, satisfaction can arise only by the conscious decision to do something. And this makes all the difference in the world, because it is only your own actions
for which you may take responsibility and credit.”

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Image Source: pianonotesforbeginners.com

“You’ve got to have the passion to do your time. If you haven’t done the time, you just can’t get there.”

Click to see Factors 6-10

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