Your Chance to Start ‘Stumbling Upwards’

I enjoy stumbling upon articles and stories that inspire me.

But what I REALLY love is sharing them with other people.

I do this on a regular basis now with my feature, “Daily Whisper.” I’m forced to be proactive about this process – I search for these motivational “treasures” and I simply re-post them.

Before I had this online outlet, however, I’d actually print off the article. Then, I would pass it around like my favorite keepsake at show-and-tell. (I’d even highlight my favorite parts.)

“You HAVE to read this!”

“Trust me…you’ll love it.”

Now, it’s important to know and understand that these articles had to be AWESOME. I wasn’t going to share something that fell into the category of “somewhat interesting” or “kind of cool.”

They had to kick a lot of ass.

I used to tell people: “If I give you something to read – it WILL be worth it! I promise!”

One of my all-time favorite articles to share was written by David Maister. It was entitled: “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Much You Want It.” (I carry around a printed version with me at all times.)

I thought it was about time to share the highlights of this article on my blog. I’ll say this, Maister’s thoughts and ideas are timeless – they have resonated with me EVERY time I’ve read this article. (No matter where I was in life OR what I was doing.)

My favorite part was when he described his own career as “stumbling upwards.” I’ve always been able to relate. (It reminds me of the inspirational song, “Stumbling on the Edge of Greatness.”)

To avoid a hyper-exhaustive blog post, I framed up these wonderfully great excerpts as quickly as possible. They speak for themselves:



– “Successful people often appear to have had a rational career progression, with each step a seemingly sensible preparation for the next. The truth, however, is that most successful business careers have been based on experimentation and opportunism.”

– “To succeed, you must be prepared to keep searching until you find out what truly excites you, even though there will be temptations along the way for you to give up your search.”

– “If you truly want to succeed (and many people do not want it badly enough to make it happen) then you must never settle, never give up, never coast, never just accept what is, even if you are currently performing at a high level.”

Quoting Winston Churchill: “Success is the ability to move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”



– “The most important lesson is that managers…must be net creators of energy passion, drive and enthusiasm in other people.”

Quoting Jack Welch: “The job of any leader is to build self-confidence in the people around him. Make those people feel 12-feet tall. Clap for every achievement, no matter how small, with everybody around you. That’s a hell of a lot more important than some finite strategy.”


– “You can’t sustain lifelong drive and determination unless you are passionate about accomplishing something. Discipline for discipline’s sake won’t work.”


– “This is where the world divides into two groups of people. One group will stroll down the path labeled, “It’s OK, so why change?” – while another group will down the path marked, “It’s only OK, let’s find something better.”


– “People try and some of them fail. But a lot more never try, and they cannot win.”


– “Napoleon said: “…glory may be fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”

– “There is no point getting stuck in a ‘doom loop’ of self-criticism.”

– “Be kind to yourself.”

I encourage you to read the entire article. I also encourage you to share it with others. (Heck, even if you have to print it off.)

If you see me out and about – and want my highlighted copy, let me know. I’d be happy to share.

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One Comment on “Your Chance to Start ‘Stumbling Upwards’”

  1. Courtney
    May 2, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    I’m proud to say I’m one of the lucky ones who was handed the highlighted copy and told to read it. It was the slap across the face I needed to open myself up to being inspired to change. Thank you for sharing it with me – and thank you for inspiring me every day through this blog!

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