‘Green Acres is the Place to Be…’

Team Myers has temporarily relocated to the country.

Yee haw!

I say “temporarily,” because we’re in the midst of a two-week “test” to see how we like living outside the Rat Race. We are considering building a house on my parents’ farm, which is located 1 hour southwest of Fort Worth on the Brazos River. 

For those not familiar with Texas geography – it’s not the boondocks, but it’s close.

That’s right…we’re considering trading the city life for gardens, livestock and tractors. We are 98 percent sure that the Metroplex will be in our rearview mirror within the next 12 to 18 months. This two-week trial run is expected knock out that 2 percent of doubt.

I wanted recap the first couple days of our experiment.

Now, it’s important to know that my parents have lived in the country – Rainbow, Texas, to be exact – for more than 10 years. It’s the same property that my grandparents owned 20 years before that.

I bring this up to emphasize the fact this is NOT our first trip to the “River House.” The only difference about this visit…it’s not a whirlwind trip, revolving around a holiday or life event.

Normally, we are blowin’ and goin’ – on Day No. 1 & 2…we were just blowin’. 

• I cleared land for our possible new house – this entailed using a chainsaw and burning anything I cut down;

• I used the tractor to pile my wood;

• TK and Crash picked the garden (onions, green beans and beats);

• We all gathered eggs and “herded” the chickens;

• We gathered rocks, and

• We kept tabs on the new baby longhorn.

Like I said before…Yee Haw! (Please don’t insert any implied sarcasm…because there is none. Our first 48 hours in the country have been nothing short of perfect.)

What I’ve loved about the first couple of days – not to mention the possibility of living down here permanently – it’s a bona fide, no sugar-coated, high-octane adventure.

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One Comment on “‘Green Acres is the Place to Be…’”

  1. Jenna Sauber
    August 6, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Didn’t realize you had done this! I love longhorns. Also, my parents are planning a move to the “country” in California, too!

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