Throwing Dirt on My ‘Daily Whisper’

As ceremonially as it started, my “Daily Whisper” feature has come to an end.

For those that never saw these daily updates… they served as an outlet to simply share motivational, get-your-butt-in-gear stories and videos. The content was generated by people A LOT smarter than me across the World Wide Web – I was just the self-appointed messenger.

I didn’t expect people to read these “Whispers” every day – just when they were in a rut or need a little push. My target audience was the third of Americans who feel dissatisfied with their lives right now (ummm…that’s 100 million people)!

After two months, I switch gears on this initiative.


• I felt like it was taking away from my writing;

• I wasn’t getting a huge response;

• I realized that anyone and everyone had a list of “63 Tip to Living Fearless” or “116 Ways to Inspire Other People.”

I was simply regurgitating information and not adding any value to the world.

I’ve decided to keep “whispering,” but doing it in a unique way. I want to find inspirational nuggets – the best of the best – and provide my own thoughts and insight.

I started leaning towards this format when I shared David Maister’s incredible article “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Much You Want It.”

I simply explained why the article resonated with me and pulled my favorite excerpts. (Of course, I also shared a link for people to read the entire wonderfully great article.)

I won’t be “whispering” on a daily basis anymore – which was overwhelming in itself – just when something really speaks to me.

Another example of this was when I wrote about the movie Act of Valor. This film introduced me to an incredible letter by the Native American leader Tecumseh. (Post: ‘Sing your death song & die like a hero going home.’)

To throw the last spade of dirt on my “Daily Whisper” feature – bury it in style – I wanted to share my favorite articles and videos that were highlighted over the last two months.

Click to see the “Whisper Hall of Fame” 

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