Picture Happy: Country Fried

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a weekly feature of my life in photos. Most of the photos are taken and sent to my wife while she’s working as a flight attendant. It allows her keep tabs on her “little monkey,” see our father-son adventures and prove that I haven’t skimped on my Domestic CEO duties.

– – –

This week’s “Picture Happy” feature has a country feel. This is culmination of photos taken during our two-week hiatus on my parents’ farm.


One of the first things on my To Do List when we “moved” to the country:
Shave my head.

Why? I’d rather ask…why not? 

– – –


The Boy LOVES to feed him some longhorns
(and practice keeping his elbow up).

– – –


Picking the garden was a standing chore for us.

– – –


Our trips to the garden included beets, onions, green beans and peppers.
The Boy would pick stems of broccoli and eat it on the spot.  

– – –


This is the potential view from our build site.
Reminder: Our two-week getaway was to determine if country livin’ was for us

– – –


If we ever “lost” Crash – this was always a solid place to start looking.

– – –


Every evening we put the chickens in the coop to protect them from predators –
this hen had another plan of attack.

Wait! There’s more…Click to see more photos

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