My Dirty Little Secret…Blogging Greatness?

I recently read that one of the “rules” of creating a great blog was transparency.

I feel like I do a pretty decent job of following that rule, BUT….you can always push yourself just a little further, right?

So here goes nothing!

(My wife and my mother just cringed…in this instance they may be justified.)

I wanted to share something I wrote almost 10 years ago for Reader’s Digest. (Never published, but submitted on a whim.) I saw a submission request in the legendary publication, asking for a 300-word essay on your most embarrassing moment. Authors would receive $500 if their story was selected.

I went for it.

I checked my ego at the door and spilled my guts…literally.

Here’s me being completely transparent and hopefully taking my blog to “greatness.”

Oh, crap!

The food in college dining halls has a tendency to leave an impression on the students who consume it. For me, it left more of impression on my boxer shorts.

It was my sophomore year in college, when I experienced the most heart-stopping, blood-rushing-to-my-head embarrassment of my life.

My roommate and I had just returned to our dorm room after typical all-you-could-eat fare. Like many post-cafeteria visits, I was suffering from a small case of gas and proceeded to nonchalantly release it.

This particular time, though – there really is no easy way to say this – I pooped my pants. I stood there with the dumbest look of shock on my face as my underwear filled up like I was a toddler.

“I think I just shit my pants,” I said in the calmest of voices.

By the look on my face, my roommate knew I wasn’t kidding.

While I stood motionless, my roommate proceeded to laugh hysterically until he was doubled over on the floor gasping for air.

When he finally caught his breath, he looked back at me. I was still frozen. He started rolling around on the floor again.

The tears started flowing as he crawled into the hallway and watched me waddle to the bathroom. As I stood in the shower fully clothed, I could still hear him laughing.

For the next several years, he loved to act out the events of that night, from the stupid look on my face to my infamous words: “I think I shit my pants.”

It wasn’t until 2 years ago – almost 6 years after the incident – that I decided to come clean. (No pun intended.) My roommate held that over my head for years and years, threatening to tell my “dirty secret.”

I finally decided it wasn’t a big deal for a 20-year-old to poop his pants.

– – –

EDITOR’S NOTE: I let my wife read this post before I published it. She was NOT impressed. She actually said: “Eh…” Her response surprised me a little, and I actually thought about punting – moving it into a folder on my desktop to be hidden forever.

I couldn’t figure out if she didn’t like the tone, thought I used too many dangling participles OR was embarrassed that I “sharted” before “shart” was a term.

Then she asked me: “Why are you sharing this? Who are you writing for?”

Valid questions.

I thought it was great time to remind everyone  – including myself – why “Defining Audacity” exists.

When I started this blog, I asked myself two questions:

– Am I qualified to start a blog about living a bold and adventurous life?

– Am I qualified to motivate others to live the same way?

My answer was AND still is: ABSOLUTELY!

I feel like I personally live a bold and adventurous life, and I want to lead by example.

I feel like the only way I can do that is for the real me to come across – whether I’m wearing my daddy hat, talking about my Live the List Project or being over-the-top transparent. Since I started writing on a regular basis, I’ve realized that the ONLY thing that differentiates my blog from the other 100 MILLION blogs on the internet is….ME!

I wrote in my inaugural “Defining Audacity” post:

Living a bold and adventurous life doesn’t mean that I’m climbing Mount Everest or swimming with sharks on a daily basis. It simply means that I’m living life on my terms. I’m putting my faith and my family above all else, and I’m trying to live everyday full throttle – absent of fear and doubt.

To me, living boldly and adventurously also means:

– Playing a key role in raising my son;

– Finally using the gifts that God has blessed me with – writing and inspiring others;

– Refusing to make excuses;

– Not living scared;

– And constantly trying to throw a wrench in the status quo.

As I started to drag my Reader’s Digest submission to it’s eternal grave on my desktop, I asked myself what the status quo would do.

Obviously, I did the opposite. (Sorry, honey!)

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2 Comments on “My Dirty Little Secret…Blogging Greatness?”

  1. myownprivatemind
    June 18, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    Wrench in the status quo… Check.

  2. CampClem
    July 20, 2012 at 5:26 pm #


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