Live the List: I’m Back on the ‘Horse’

I am officially attacking life – again!

Back in February, I unceremoniously started a new “life list” – 55 things that I want to accomplish in 555 days.

Reminder: In 2008, I began a “101 List” –101 tasks in 1,001 days. I didn’t mark everything off that list, but that wasn’t going to deter me from getting back on the horse.

This “horse” is a little smaller, more agile and definitely “rideable.”

As I thought about how to introduce my new list to the world, I wanted to remind everyone – including myself – why I’m so infatuated with “life lists.”

Explanation: I think making a list is like drawing a map, sketching out a desired course and following it. For me, that route revolves around living boldly and adventurously. It’s a fun and unique spin on goal setting.

Another reason I love these lists, I feel like they are gigantic thank you notes to God. He is the reason I’m able to live an amazing and inspired life. I feel like I would be insulting God if I spent most of my time doing the same ol’ same ol’ and/or going through the motions. (a.k.a. lying on the couch and watching mindless TV every single day.)

So, I firmly position myself on the other end of the spectrum…jumping out of airplanes, trying to find the best hamburger in Fort Worth and eating Lobster.

– – –

I followed a similar format when laying out my “55 in 555” list. I thought it was very important to follow the rules of making a “101 List:”

• Tasks must be specific;

• No ambiguity in the wording;

• The result must be measurable OR clearly defined, and

• Tasks must be realistic, but also must be stretching (requiring some amount of effort to accomplish).

Honestly, the only difference this time around are the amount of tasks and the timetable.

You might be wondering…why 55 things in 555 days?

Confession: I thought it was catchy.

Actually, I thought coming up with 101 things wass a little daunting AND 1,001 days is a LONG time (almost 3 years, to be exact). I went for sleeker and faster this time around.

For consistency purposes, I also put my tasks into categories again. Life’s simple pleasures (“Simply Living”) received the most attention. (I took the advice I gave to others 4 years ago.)

Highlights from this category include:

– Appreciating sunrise & sunset in same day (No. 2)

– Getting a straight-edge razor shave (No. 7)

– Attending a pancake supper (No. 15)

I also pushed myself with a few tasks (per the instructions):

– Live in a different city for 1 month (No. 31)

– Meet Steve Farber (No. 45)

– Be on a reality TV show or game show (No. 46)

– Help Josh Hamilton mark something off his bucket list (No. 50)

Wait…there’s more. Click to read!

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