Picture Happy: Family Vacation

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a regular feature of my life in photos. Most of the photos are taken and sent to my wife while she’s working as a flight attendant. It allows her keep tabs on her “little monkey,” see our father-son adventures and prove that I haven’t skimped on my Domestic CEO duties.

– – –

We recently took a marathon family vacation to Colorado for our cousin’s wedding. While most of the family made the 13-hour drive to Denver, Team Myers and Cousin Cal flew. Highlights:

• It was Cal’s first flight and he did GREAT!

• During our 4-hour layover in Amarillo, Crash lived up to his name and knocked himself out after falling and hitting his head. We spent 3 of those hours in the ER. (He’s fine!)

The wedding was wonderfully great and we had a GREAT time with our Colorado family. We closed out the trip by EVERYONE converging on Estes Park for 24 hours. Highlights:

• Raging rivers

• Bear warnings

• Table for 15

My sister Allie summed it up best on her blog: “Hip, Hop Hooray for Family Vacations!”


Cal & Crash call escalators “waterfalls” –
I guess it’s safe to say that this “river” got our adventure started.

– – –


Cal’s FIRST airplane flight from Dallas to Amarillo (last stop Denver)!

– – –


The Cousins were able to ride together from Amarillo to Denver –
they kicked off every flight with a “Pat…Pat…Pat…BLAST OFF!”

When we landed: “TOUCHDOWN!”

– – –


Our cousin Ashley said she didn’t have to pay extra for the remarkable sky
as her and her new husband, Michael, blessed their marriage.


– – –


GREAT picture of The Boy and his cousins, Cal & Jake.

– – –


Before going to the movies in Denver,
my brother-in-laws and I did a little acting out in front of the theatre.

NOTE: We did NOT see “Magic Mike.”

– – –


Me and my sisters hiking in Rocky Mt. National Park.

Allison wrote a wonderfully great blog post about our
post-wedding adventures in Estes Park.

Check it out here !

– – –


While some of us were burning up the trails in Rocky Mt. National Park,
Crash was going on his first pony ride at YMCA of the Rockies.

His horse was named Nibbles.
(The Boy’s “b’s” sound like “p’s” so we don’t ask him about his pony in public)

Wait! There’s more…Click to see more photos

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