My Big ‘Retirement’ News: Going to ‘Dark Side’

EDITOR’S NOTE: I recently laid the foundation for this post, defining my recent self-induced “retirement.” I closed that blog post by saying, “there is BIG ‘retirement’ news on the horizon. Stay tuned!” Well…here is that “big” news.

– – –

I try to stay away from clichés when starting a new post.


I’m going to violate my policy this time around and simply say: Everything happens for a reason. In this instance, it’s probably better to say:

EVERYTHING  happens for a reason.

The explanation…

When I walked away from my last job, I put a pen to paper and realized that I had the embarrassing distinction of having 11 jobs since graduating from college…11 years ago. That’s right…11 jobs in 11 years.

Awesome! (insert sarcasm)

At first, I looked at this “accomplishment” as a monumental failure. I felt like a bona fide loser, and started asking self-defeating questions. The main one: “What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!?”

Then, the smoke cleared and my confidence started to return.

I embraced my new role as a retired stay-at-home dad, and kept my heart open for my next opportunity and/or adventure.

Well, it found me.

After a lot of discussion and prayer, I have decided to jump headfirst into the family business – I’m going to be a residential real estate agent!

My dad is a long-time broker…my grandfather started one of the most established agencies in Dallas….my aunt and uncle now run my grandfather’s company….my cousins are involved in the business…

Needless to say…real estate is in my blood.

I actually tell people that I feel like Luke Skywalker, going over to the “dark side.” While that might carry a negative connotation, I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled – mainly because of the cliché I used to kick off this narrative.

I firmly believe that everything that I’ve done over the last 11 years – every job, every experience, every life-lesson – has prepared me for this opportunity. I feel like there are four key philosophies that I’ve embraced and fine-tuned over the years, preparing me for this moment:

• Keep Learning

• Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

• The Power of People

• Never Stop Giving Back

Here is a very quick snapshot of these philosophies, the jobs that helped shape them and how I anticipate them applying to my new adventure:

Keep Learning

Jobs that emphasized this: Every job I’ve EVER had!

The day I graduated from college, my grandfather shared his secret to success: Never stop learning.

He gave me a journal explaining why this was so important.

I’ve tried to apply that to every job that I’ve had. The best example is when I dropped what I was doing to be a college football coach. I felt like the more I knew – the better I would be.

Application: There is so much to learn about real estate – that really excites me. My dad told me: “Every deal is unique.” He also said there aren’t many days when he doesn’t learn something new.

– – –

Wait…there’s more. Click to read!

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One Comment on “My Big ‘Retirement’ News: Going to ‘Dark Side’”

  1. CampClem
    August 11, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    Very exciting! Glad you have found your next adventure!

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