PERFECT WORLD II: Ready to Expand Fatherhood

Four years ago, I spent 48 hours with my business partner, her husband, and their children. (Three boys – ages 4, 6 and 8.) We made a marathon trip to Oklahoma to watch TCU play the Sooners.

I wrote a humorous post about the experience, beautifully entitled: “Nothing says parenthood like a leaking bag of throw-up and a little blood.”

The theme of the article focused on our adventures that weekend – which DID include a leaking bag of throw-up – and the fact that I was ready to embrace fatherhood.

I’m dusting off this post, because A LOT has happened in four years. The main thing: I have the confidence – and guts – to take care of FOUR kids all by myself.

After that weekend in Oklahoma…I thought: “There. Is. No. Way.” Even with enough adults to run man-to-man defense with three kids, it was still crazy. Doable…but crazy.

Fast forward to last week when I told my sister that I’d be happy to watch her three kids, while she and my brother-in-law went to the Rangers game with friends.

SISTER: “Are you sure? All three?”

ME: “Absolutely! We’d be happy to help out.”

That was mistake No. 1…there was no “WE”…just ME! My flight attendant wife had a trip scheduled. I was going to be flying solo with my two nephews (2 and 4), my niece (7) AND my son (2).


When my sister confirmed – a.k.a. gave me a last-second escape route – I simply told her, “I’ll be fine…regardless, this should make a GREAT blog post. Maybe even a couple of posts.”

Unfortunately…er…thankfully….the weekend was uneventful. There was no blood, limited screaming and a lot of fun.

• We built a “rocket ship” in the living room, pushing the couches together and using blankets and chairs to expand our Starfighter. (It looked more like a fort, but I thought that was cliché.) 

• We went to the park; 

• We ordered pizza and ate on the front porch (all the chairs were being used);

• We watched movies;

• We played games;

• We did crafts;

• We went out for frozen yogurt.

I poetically tagged the weekend “Camp Uncle Drew” – and it was fitting. We had a blast.

Confession: When my sister picked up the kids at 1 p.m. on Sunday, I thought to myself: “What the hell am I going to blog about?!?!?”

– – –

Even though there was no throw-up, broken bones or even a stubbed toe – I did have a few “take-aways” from Camp Uncle Drew. They’re more like philosophical questions about kids and parenting:

Question 1: Why are kids so different when their moms are not around?

This question is not directly aimed at my sister and/or her kids – Crash turns into a different little boy when TK is around, too.

I’ve picked up on this mysterious phenomena before, but it was front and center during Camp Uncle Drew. My nephews and niece were model children for me.

We had the occasional tantrum, but I know some adults that kick and scream when they’re not allowed to yell “poo poo” at the top of their lungs.

As soon as my sister walked into the house to bring our weekend to an end, her kids reverted back to their default mode, which is a little more needy and a little more whiney.

Again, The Boy is the exact same way and it’s just as baffling to me.

Wait…there’s more. Click to see my other philosophical questions & see photos


One Comment on “PERFECT WORLD II: Ready to Expand Fatherhood”

  1. sillygirlstarlet
    September 25, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Oh, Geez! Since “poo poo” talk is an issue in our house, THAT was funny.

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