Power of 10: It’s Better to Give…

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Power of 10” is a  “list blog” of  personal, inspirational and/or off-the-wall topics. Most of the time, these lists are NOT unique content to the World Wide Web – just presented in a different way.

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I’m a bona fide moron!

I let my 38th birthday come and go without submitting a wish list to my family and friends. A rookie mistake that I paid for dearly.

While I love a good pair of jeans to wear with my boots, that’s my wife’s default gift when she can’t think of anything else to get me.

So, for good ol’ birthday No. 38 – no list and another pair of jeans.

I’m an even bigger idiot, because last Father’s Day – I didn’t get any jeans. Why? Because. I. Submitted. A. List. (I actually received two things on my wish list. It was wonderfully great!)

I must stop the madness again. One man can only handle so much denim.

So here is my 2012 Christmas wish list, with just under a month to spare.

NOTE to TK: Feel free to use this list for future gift-giving holidays (even Valentine’s Day) until everything is marked off. I love you, but I have plenty of jeans. TGM

* indicates carry-over gifts from my Father’s Day wish list


I’m thinking me and 50 of my closest friends for an intimate concert at BHR.

– – –


Greatest. TV Show. Ever.

– – –


Have you seen my boots?
I need a stocked box – complete with rags, polish, etc.

– – –


This is normally MY default gift for TK.
I’m thinking a 60-minute, deep-tissue session would be good for me, though.

– – –


I realize this is two “girly” gifts in a row…
What? I like candles!
(and I’ve always wanted to be part of a monthly gift club.)

Click to see Wish List Items 6-10

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One Comment on “Power of 10: It’s Better to Give…”

  1. Will
    November 29, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

    I’m guessing TK doesn’t want Lonesome Dove Porcelain Cowboy Busts in her house.

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