Going Soft in the Heat of Passion?

When I launched Defining Audacity in April, I had grand visions of doing a regular blog post entitled “Power of 10.” It was designed to be a graphical compliment my typical 900-word ramblings.

Even though these posts took a little extra time and energy, they were fun to do. (AND I DO have grand visions of bringing it back from the dead eventually.)

The reason why I bring up “Power of 10” NOW…I was recently reminded where I got this crazy idea. Almost 9 years ago, I unveiled the original “Power of 10” when I asked my wife to marry me.

– – –

Here is a quick preface to this blog post:

I love the way I asked my wife to marry me. I’m a little partial, but I thought it was well-planned, romantic and memorable.

BUT up until this very blog post…I’ve hated TALKING ABOUT IT! I would actually cringe when people would ask my wife, “How did Drew propose?”

Why? Because there is part of my brain that thinks being romantic is borderline soft, which is…

The. Worst. Adjective. Ever.

When my wife would share our proposal story, I would get embarrassed and wish I’d kept it simple, boring and definitely not story-worthy. You know, maybe just taken her to Sonic and said something like, “Wanna do this?” (Nothing says romance like a SuperSonic Chili Cheese Dog, right?)

According to my buddy Michael Bloomberg – The Romance CEO – proposing over a large order of tater tots would have been tragic. Mr. Bloomberg, who helps coordinate wedding proposals for a living, has developed three main reasons why men should put an emphasis on this special moment. The main reason: “”You have one shot to do it right.”

Again, I’m pretty sure that I DID “do it right,” but it wasn’t until right now that I was ready to embrace being soft…er…I mean…publicly share our story. With my machismo completely checked at the door, here it is:

It was Christmas 2003, and I made TK a board game called Love10 – “A game that will take any relationship to another level.”

Quick confession: As I write this post, I HAVE to remind myself that being romantic is NOT soft….“I’m not soft! I’m not soft! I’m not soft!”

Here was the introduction I wrote for the game:

Love10 is a game inspired by an amazing relationship between two people. I think you would agree that the last 11 months have been nothing short of incredible. We have developed a relationship built on trust, respect, inspiration and passion. That is the premise behind this whole game. I wanted to capture those four things with this Christmas gift. You mean the world to me, Tanya. I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.

“OK, maybe I’m a little soft? Stop! Focus!”

Then, I laid out the instructions:

Over the next two days you will be receiving 10 gifts – each one related to the previous gift.

Throughout the two days, you will use the enclosed game board to keep up with the gifts and anticipate the next one.

As you open each gift, you will find a game piece attached. You need to remove that game piece (which is a sticker), peel off the back and stick it on the game board.

To anticipate the next gift – which could come at any time – hints have been supplied on the game board. The pictures between each gift are the hints. They represent how the two gifts are related. (As you will find out over the next two days, some hints are more obscure than other hints.)

There were only three rules to the game:

• You must keep in the game board with you at ALL times during the two days;

• Enjoy every last minute of it;

• Remember how much I love you!

“I am SO soft!!!! No, I’m not…well, kind of…but not really…then again…definitely soft!”

While this idea – and its convoluted directions – might have seemed like a little much, it was all about getting to the happily ever after. So after the introduction, the instructions and the rules, it was time for TK to start the game. Accompanying the game board were the first two gifts. I wanted to make sure she understood exactly how to “play.”

Gift 1: A necklace

Gift 2: A jewelry/music box.

The hint between the two gifts was a safe. (Explanation: You safely keep jewelry in a jewelry box. Duh.)

For the next 48 hours, TK randomly received a gift – even while she was flying across the country for work. Each gift had a sticker – which was a picture of the object – to put on the board. Again, obscure hints were given between each gift to help build excitement before she received the next surprise.

Just to make sure YOU understand the game:

Gift 3: Norah Jones CD

The hint between the two gifts was sheet music. (Explanation: Music box and CD both involve…music. Starting to understand?)

Gift 4: DVD of the movie “Sweet November”

The hint between the two gifts was a spindle top. (Explanation: It spins like a CD and DVD.)

Power Board Game

I won’t bore you with ALL the gifts – and definitely not all the hints. I’ll just jump to the climax of the story….

Wait…there’s more. Click to see the happily ever after!

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