Unwrapping a Christmas Miracle

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first post in a four-part series revolving around my wonderfully great Christmas and New Year’s.

– – –

Is it weird that I feel inclined to explain our Christmas card?

Well, I do!

It has a lot of moving parts, and I didn’t want anything to get overlooked.

First of all, it’s important for everyone to know and understand that I put a lot of thought and effort into our annual Christmas cards. My goal is to have the recipient show the card to at least one other person.

That’s it!

(I guess my shadow mission is not to be lost in the shuffle with all the other holiday cards and/or be on the fast track to the recycling bin.)

Here is a quick peek at our 2012 creation (and my explanations):

Christmas Card Blog

PHOTO of the BOY

This incredible shot was taken by our wonderfully great – and talented – neighbor, Arlene. She did an awesome job capturing our son’s unique personality and making is multi-cowlick hair look cute.

– – –


No 1 DadI’ve gotten a significant amount of grief about this small touch. The main question people ask me: “Where is the No. 1 Mom pennant?”

I have a couple canned responses, including:

• “Everyone already knows TK is the No. 1 Mom,” and/or

• “When she starts designing the Christmas card, she can add her narcissistic add-ons.”

– – –


Christmas CardThis explanation is really for my wife, because that’s the first thing she asked about when she saw the proof.

I gently reminded her that I used the same stock photo for me and Cpt. Augustus McCrae.

To appease her…I DID use a special Photoshop tool to shape her rump a little.

– – –


Christmas CardI think a lot of people overlooked this subtle package dangling beneath our dog, but it was our passive way of saying…


After months and months and months of trying, WE DID IT!

It wasn’t the fertility specialist and the three rounds of insemination. We got pregnant the good ol’ fashioned way – by having sex and putting it in God’s hands.


We feel so blessed and excited. We want to thank everyone who sent thoughts and prayers our way, especially through the miscarriages and false positive tests.

We were just about to start walking down the adoption path again, when God whispered: “Hold on just a second.”

One week before TK turned the big 4-0…we received confirmation that it really DOES only take one shot to make it happen and God IS in control. A Christmas miracle?

After hearing the heartbeat, we were able to drop the bomb on Christmas morning. We wrapped up a package for my dad that had a single sheet of paper inside:



Everyone was ecstatic – I think mainly because of the wild and crazy journey we’ve traveled.

Speaking of wild and crazy…I’m sure there will be plenty of blog fodder surrounding this pregnancy – so hold on tight. One potential post that’s in the hopper..we’re throwing around the idea of raffling off the naming rights. (Yeah, I said it!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– – –

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