Christmas Magic: Cow Dung Leads to Winner’s Circle

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second post in a four-part series revolving around my wonderfully great Christmas and New Year’s.

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Last year it took me 10 months to share the awesome Christmas presents that my family made for each other.

That was way too long!

So, I got my butt in gear and decided to go ahead and reveal the greatness from this Christmas.

A couple of initial notes, though:

• For the first time in 13 years of making homemade Christmas gifts, we voted on a winner. I don’t want to make a huge deal about it, but…




• Another first…we duplicated a gift (we actually had two repeat offenders). The crazy part…they were still wonderfully great the second time around.

Pinterest has breathed new life into our holiday tradition. In years past, some of us have been stuck for an idea as late as Thanksgiving. There is nothing like a little stress heading into the holiday season.

On a serious note, this is our 13th year of making homemade Christmas gifts for each other. It is my favorite holiday tradition because it stems from the amazing love we have for each other.

So, without further ado…here are our 2012 “masterpieces:”

DAD: Old-fashioned tool boxes (I actually voted for these as the winner);
Homemade Christmas Gifts

MOM: Framed quotes and scripture for the kids and men; she made shabby chic vases for the girls.

SUSAN (my younger sister): “What a Difference a Day Makes” – special dates in our family’s history (birthdays, weddings, etc.) in framed burlap. A definite Pinterest knockoff, but still really special. We’re excited about adding one more date to our frame.

MIKE (brother-in-law): Tin of baked goodies; my favorite treat this year were the mini pecan pies.

BACSIK KIDS: Memory books – Sue asked her three kids questions about each member of the family and put their answers with photos of that particular person.

Example: “What does Drew do when you are not around?” Mary Grace: “He types on his computer…you know, he waits for comments on Facebook and writes on his blog.”

Homemade ChristmasThey also designed a really cute Christmas towel, using their little hands and feet as the inspiration.

ALLISON (youngest sister): For the adults, Allie updated our Christmas books with memorable photos from Christmas past; for the kids, she used pictures of family and friends to make a game of Memory. Really cool!

SCOOTER (brother-in-law): “Brazos House” T-shirts – made with a homemade stencil

Team Myers did a joint gift this year. (I know. I know) Dung

The gifts under the tree were actually from Crash. They were bags of decomposing veggies, cow manure and a rotting pumpkin.

Each bag had an explanation and pointed everyone to the BIG gift:

Compost tumblers!

Nothing says Christmas like urban gardening and/or decomposition, right?

Each family got a tumbler – complete with free delivery.

Compost Tumbler

Click to see the photos of each gift!

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One Comment on “Christmas Magic: Cow Dung Leads to Winner’s Circle”

  1. allie
    January 4, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    Still waiting on my free delivery! Half of my fridge is veggie scraps!

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