Power of 10: My 2013 Goal-line Stand

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth and final post in a series of holiday posts revolving Christmas and New Year’s;“Power of 10” is a  “list blog” of  personal, inspirational and/or off-the-wall topics.  

– – –

I’m not a big resolution guy.

I consider New Year Resolutions nothing more than enchanted wishes that are simply driven by a different number on the calendar.

All talk. No walk.

Question I: Do you ever hear people talking about resolutions in September? Hell, by March they’re afterthoughts.

Question II: Doesn’t it seem like most resolutions revolve around NOT doing something? (e.g. Stop smoking, no more fast food, stop watching Gangnam Style on YouTube, etc.)

Goals are a completely different animal, though. What do you actually want to accomplish? And more importantly…how are you going to get there?

In 2010, I went through an exhausting – but beneficial – exercise, which helped me lay out my short-term goals for 2010 AND the long-term goals that I wanted to accomplish by 2015.

It’s pretty interesting to go back and look at those goals 3 years later.

I won’t bore you with my “report card” from 2010, but here are a few long-term goals that I’ve already accomplished:

• SPIRITUAL: Not just growing in my faith, but sharing it as well (one-on-one discipleship through Ministry Catalysts)

• SIGNIFICANCE: Help bring a chapter of Back on My Feet to DFW (launched in 2011)

• EDUCATION: Have my real estate license (received August 2012)

• SOCIAL: Started more realistic 101 List (launched 55/555 list in February 2012)

The crazy/ironic part…even though I’m still working towards many of my long-term goals in each of my life facets, I haven’t written down any short-term goals since that exercise 3 years ago.

Tragic AND scary!

Flying by the seat of your pants can be a little dangerous, so I decided to use this “Power of 10” post to lay out my goals for 2013 (separated into my life facets):

Power of 10


This is a pretty common goal that speaks for itself –
we are actually really close to accomplishing this goal.

– – –

Power of 10


I want to go all in for one cause that tugs at my heart strings.
I have to start by reminding myself why I volunteer in the first place.

The Reason I give back

– – –

Power of 10


One of my real estate friends said:
“If you didn’t get into this business to make money,
you got in for the wrong reason.”

Well…OK then!

– – –

Power of 10


My 55/555 life list comes to an end in August.
I’m going to put an emphasis on this between now and then –
marking off five to six tasks a month.

– – –

Power of 10


In order to accomplish Goal No. 3 – this is crucial.
I want to send five to six notes a week –
happy birthday, good to see you, thinking about you…

Click to see Goals 6-10

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