You’re Invited: ‘Live the List’ Weekend

I give a lot of my clients the same advice: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

So many people want to muddy-up a message, design or project by adding one more component, one additional twist, one extra element.

This is true in real estate, marketing or just selling something on Craig’s List.

While people’s intentions are usually good, it ultimately hurts the product/brand or generates a lot of confusion.

Again, the best adjective to describe a convoluted message:


Why am I sharing this? Because it’s about time that I start taking my own advice. I need to put a comma after “simple” and stop being so “stupid.”

I’m just as guilty as everyone else. If I had a dollar for every time I thought to myself: “What if I added just one extra wrinkle?!?!?” Needless to say…I’d be financially stable.

Here are a couple examples that support my sickness:

Twunning• Run & Tweet: In 2009, I ran the half marathon in Fort Worth. But instead of just lacing up my shoes and getting it on…I decided to Tweet every mile of the 13.1-mile race. I was trying to raise awareness about the organization Back on My Feet (BOMF).

• Run & Tweet II: Later in 2009, I did a similar campaign for the Nashville Marathon. It was confusingly branded: “Giving Back From Texas to Tennessee: Taking Texas Country to Nashville.” I solicited Red Dirt music artists to sponsor part of my race. All the proceeds went to BOMF. It think it would have been successful…

IF. I. HAD. FINISHED. (explanation)Maximum Impact: Giving Back for 7 Days to Recognize National Volunteer Week

• Seven Days of Giving Back: In 2010, I did something philanthropic for seven straight days. I did this to celebrate “National Volunteer Week.” It was an impactful initiative, BUT it was a lot to digest, after the fact.

Note to self: Everything does NOT need to be an extravaganza. Stop. Being. Muddy.

The CRAZY part…I just re-wrote this introduction AFTER typing the elaborate plan below.

What is wrong with me?

Confession: I’m. A. Sicko. (and I love it!)

– – –

Live the ListOne of my goals for 2013 is to put an emphasis on my current life list – 555 tasks in 55 days. Last February, I created the list and it “expires” in August. If I even want to put a dent in my list, I figure I have to accomplish five to six tasks a month between now and then.

Game on!

In order to significantly help my cause, I’m going to host a “Live the List” weekend for me and anyone else who needs to punch their life list/bucket list in the face.

DATES: Feb. 15-17 (spend a couple/few hours with us one of those days – if you want to stay all weekend, we can work something out)

LOCATION: Brazos House Retreat (Glen Rose, Texas – which is 1 hour southwest of Fort Worth)

WHO IS INVITED: Anyone with a life list. Consider this blog post your official invitation.

Here are the following items that I’m hoping to mark off MY list that weekend:

• No. 2: Appreciate sunrise & sunset in same day

• No. 3: Ride a horse

• No. 6: Eat Lobster

• No. 9: Ride on a motorcycle

• No. 12: Plant a garden

• No. 14: See a drive-in movie

• No. 35: Host a game night

• No. 52: Tie a call to action to a helium balloon, let it go and see what happens

My main goal for this impromptu weekend is No. 48 on my list:

Help 25 people mark something off THEIR life list

The only way I’m going to accomplish that goal is if you let me help.

So…Let’s get it on!

You might have some of the same “tasks” on your list or maybe you have something totally different. If you want to forward me your list, I’ll let you know which one ones will be doable that weekend.

• “Make something you pinned on Pinterest” – Definitely!

• “Go fishing” – Yes!

• “Fly a kite.” – Done!

• “Eat farm fresh eggs” – No problem!

• “Make homemade ice cream” – Easy!

• “Run with the bulls” – Probably not.

I know one “task” that finds itself on a lot of people’s lists: Ride in a hot air balloon. (It’s No. 17 on my list) If enough people embrace this crazy idea, I’ll personally set this up.

Now…let’s tackle the excuses.

“Glen Rose is too far!”

“We always clean house on Saturday.”

“I can’t find my list.”


I can combat each of those excuses AND squash any other head trash you might have, but all I’ll say:

Excuses are the reason that life lists and bucket lists vanish into obscurity. (The only reason they resurface is because of a tragic event that reminds us that life is too short.) Excuses are the kryptonite of this phenomenon. They are the metaphorical wrench that we personally stick in our own spokes.

Excuses keep us from living life.

So….no excuses – not this time!

I’m challenging you with this offer – break the status quo for a few hours and let me help you accomplish one or two things you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Again, I can’t help you climb Mount Everest this particular weekend – but you want to sleep under the stars? Done!

Think about it and let me know.

Send me your list and we’ll put together a plan of attack. You can e-mail here: (If your list isn’t written down…just think of a couple/few things you’ve always wanted to do. EVERYONE has uttered these words at some point, “I should put that on my list.”)

If you just want to come hang out – and watch me eat lobster and ride a motorcycle – COME ON!

Let’s”Live the List” together!

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